What Melania Wore Welcoming Guatemalan President To The White House

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First Lady Melania Trump alongside President Trump welcomed Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and his wife, Patricia Marroquin de Morales to the White House Tuesday afternoon.

Keeping warm in a rainy cold December day, Melania wore white, black and white checked coat from Chloé. The Virgin wool coat features a contrasting white collar, a matching belted waist, oversize lapels, and side slit pockets. It retails for $3,472 & is on sale for $2,120 at Italist.com

For footwear, Melania paired the Chloé coat that she wore over a white dress with a pair of burgendy velvet  pumps from her go-to shoe brand — Christian Louboutin. The Red Decoltish 100mm Velvet Leather Rosso Point Toe Heel Pumps retailed for $620, but unfortunately they are sold out.

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Guatemalan First Lady Patricia donned a classic black double-breasted wool coat over a polka-dot dress. She completed the ensemble with a pair of nude patent leather pumps.

The White House meeting came months after Trump threatened Guatemala and other Central American countries with tariffs or aid cuts if officials did not do more to stem immigration to the U.S. In July, Guatemala and the US signed a so-called “safe third country” agreement that allows U.S immigration authorities to require asylum seekers who first cross through Guatemala to apply for asylum there instead of being eligible to apply in the US.

“The visit is an opportunity to thank President Morales for being the first Central American leader to sign and implement the historic Asylum Cooperation Agreement with the United States,” according to the White House Press Secretary.

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Under the agreement, migrants including those fleeing from El Salvador and Honduras are required to first apply for protections in Guatemala.

“One of the big things that’s happened with Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador, and some others is that, in past administrations, they and others would not take people back,” Trump said before the bilateral meeting. “So if we had very dangerous people in our country and they came from Guatemala, or another country that we now have agreements with [Guatemala] they have to take them back, and they take them back with open arms.”

Trump added, “And by doing this, we’re getting rid of the most dangerous people.  The people that are most dangerous, we’re getting them out of the United States because they don’t belong here.  They didn’t come from here, and we’re getting them out.  We’re taking them out by the thousands.”

via @FLOTUS Twitter

After the bilateral 2:2 meeting, both Melania and Patricia had lunch together in the parlor of the White House.

If you’re inspired by Melania’s red and white checked coat and want to recreate Melania’s look for less, check out below the options lined up. Add some pumps to emulate Melania’s signature style.

Red & White Checked Coat
Red Velvet Pumps

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  • ron sheppard
    December 18, 2019

    Our First Lady is gorgeous inside and outside .

  • emma macomber
    December 18, 2019

    About time she received positive press, very pretty

  • Johnny
    December 18, 2019

    Melania has more class in her little toe than Michelle Obama has in her whole body!

  • Johnny
    December 18, 2019

    Michelle Obama wore gunny sack outfits all the time! You could put Michelle in very expensive clothes and she still would look like a ghetto mama.

  • Delilah Lewis
    December 18, 2019

    Very nice.

    December 18, 2019

    Another great look by Melania. She always looks fabulous!

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What Melania Wore Welcoming Guatemalan President To The White House

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