What Melania Wore Visiting the Children’s Inn on Valentine’s Day

For the third year in a row, First Lady Melania Trump spent her Valentine’s Day Friday morning comforting children in their difficult time at the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Getting into the Valentine’s festive, Melania wore a red faux leather trench coat from Les Rêveries. The trench coat is tailored in a timeless silhouette that features a sharp collar, covered button fastening through the front and a detachable belt to define the waistline. It retails for $690 and is available at Net-A-Porter.

Keeping her coat closed, Melania completed her look with a pair of black leather pumps from Christian Louboutin. This time, she opted to wear the Agneska Scallop Leather Red Sole Pumps, which differs from the popular So Kate Louboutin model due to the heel thickness and the toe box style. The Agneska pumps features a 3.3” covered heel, almond toe and a scalloped collar. It retails for $695 and is available for purchase at Neiman Marcus.

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While this eye-catching trench coat is available to purchase online, below are similar red faux leather trench coats one can purchase to mimic the First Lady’s look this Spring!

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During her hour long visit, Melania spent her time divided at different station tables, talking to each of the 10 children she met while helping them decorate the heart-shaped sugar cookies with icing, creating heart decorations made out of paper maché and coloring valentines day cards.

The children were excited to see the First Lady, as one young girl named Amber couldn’t hold in her excitement when she heard Melania had arrived. It is also Amber third time meeting the First Lady since Melania began visiting the Children’s Inn. 

“When she got here, my sister said, ‘she’s here, she’s here,'” Amber’s brother, Miguel Negrete said, according to the pool report . “Her spirits were lifted, yes. I asked her, ‘what would make you more excited than meeting the first lady?’ She said, ‘meeting Jesus Christ’.”

“It was fun meeting the first lady,” a 11-year-old Lucy Wiese who has a Job’s syndrome, a rare immunodeficiency disorder, said greeting Melania at the door. “Not many people get to meet her. We talked about decorating cookies and the White House, how many rooms there are.”

When making her rounds around the room, Melania recognized a 14-year old boy name Amani, who last year gifted her a silver necklace inscribed with “faith” and “hope” to match the bracelet he was wearing. Born with sickle cell disease, Amani last year was preparing for a bone marrow transplant from his sister. Since the transplant, Amani has been cured of the sickle cell disease.

“You look so sharp! I love your tie,” Melania told Amani before giving him a big hug. “You look very strong. You look fantastic. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling good and that you’re doing so well and your treatment is going well.”

While talking to Amani, two little girls presented Melania with a bouquet of white roses and a framed picture. 

“Thank you very much. This is very special,” Melania said giving both girls hugs. “This is going to go on the wall in my office.”

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Before leaving, Melania handed out Valentine’s Day cards to all the children, wishing them “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and told the children to “stay strong.”

“Stay strong, Okay?” Melania told all the children. “We will think of you and pray for you, you will be in my thoughts. Get well soon.”

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Parents say Melania’s yearly visit helps bring awareness to the lifesaving medical research that kids depend.

In a statement, Jennie Lucca, CEO of The Children’s Inn at NIH, thanked the First Lady for visiting children at The Inn.

“We’ve come to look forward to her visit every year. Mrs. Trump brings a delightful experience for our families and awareness to the much-needed medical research happening here at the NIH,” Lucca said.

The Children’s Inn is a non-profit that creates a free “home away from home” for children with critical health conditions. 

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According to the Children’s Inn spokeswoman, several children have rare genetic diseases including sickle cell anemia, giant axonal neuropathy and various other immunodeficiency diseases.

“It was so lovely that Mrs. Trump was able to spend a significant amount of time with each child,” Aisha Dubose, associate director of program and services for The Children’s Inn said. “To know how much she cares about the children at The Children’s Inn means so much to our children and families, and it made Valentine’s Day extra special.”

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What Melania Wore Visiting the Children’s Inn on Valentine’s Day

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