What Melania Wore To Her Solo 2020 Campaign Event

First Lady Melania Trump in her first solo campaign event of 2020 Tuesday made the strongest case for her husband President Trump re-election, blasting Democrats for invoking fear and dividing Americans while warning Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden “socialist agenda.”

For her campaign trail appearance, Melania sported an army green military-inspired trench coat from Michael Kors. The MICHAEL Michael Kors’ ‘Madi’ trench coat is a vintage effect that was cut from cotton-gabardine in a versatile army-green hue. It features classic trench coat details, including a double-breasted front, storm flaps, slit side pockets, gold shoulder epaulets, and a tonal belt that cinches on the waist. The seasonal pick newly released February 2020 retailed for $250, but sadly, it has now sold out.

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Melania completed her look by matching her trench coat with a pair of Metallic Green Python So Kate Christian Louboutin pumps. The saucy metallic python is a rare beauty to find. It retailed for $582, but unfortunately is sold out. A few online consignment shops such as The Luxury Closet are selling a pre-owned pair in Size 41 (Size 8 US) for $462.

Via Melania Trump Style Instagram

Unfortunately, this affordable stylish piece is now out of stock, but check out some similar options below to emulate Melania's Campaign Outfit of The Trail look.

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With less than a week to go in the election race, Melania at a rally in Atglen, PA to slam Democrats for being divisive in dividing America while blasting her husband, President Trump’s Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden as a “socialist” whose policy agenda will destroy America.

“The Democrats have chosen to put their own agendas ahead of the American people’s well-being. Instead, they attempt to create a divide — a divide on something that should be non-partisan and non-controversial.  A divide that causes confusion and fear instead of hope and security. That is not leadership,” Melania said.

She pointed to events that occurred earlier this year prior to the outbreak, slamming Democrats for wasting “American tax-payer dollars in a sham impeachment” as they chose to focus on their “own agenda” over the nation.

“Let us also not forget what the Democrats chose to focus on when COVID-19 first came into our country,” Melania said. “While the President was taking decisive actions to keep the American people safe, the democrats were wasting American tax-payer dollars in a sham impeachment. They cared more about removing our elected president.”

“Meanwhile, I watched Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy, and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe. This sham was led by opposition and their display of hatred is on display to this day,” she added.

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Melania, who was born and raised in then-Communist Slovenia, denounced Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his “socialist agenda” and policy, arguing what can he do now when he has done nothing to help Americans during his long four-decade political career. 

“Joe Biden attacked President Trump’s decision to put the American people first and closing travel from China. He called it ‘Xenophobic hysteria.’ Now he suggests that he could have done a better job,” Melania stated. “Well, the American people can look at Joe Biden’s 36 years in Congress and eight years in the Vice Presidency and determine whether they think he’ll finally be able to get something done for the American people.” 

“Joe Biden’s policy and socialist agenda will destroy America and all that has been built in the past four years,” Melania argued. 

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While Melania spoke about her husband as “tough, successful and fair,” a woman in the audience yelled out,  “And handsome!” a remark that gave her a huge smile as she replied, “I agree.”

The First Lady defended the Trump Administration on focusing to move forward in the fight to triumph over the virus, while the Democrats and the media, she argued continued in “promoting fear” all for “purely political ends.”

“This Administration chooses to keep moving forward during this pandemic, not backward. By moving forward, we demonstrate a fundamental value of our nation, our ability to rise to any challenge and overcome any hurdle. We don’t close down and hide in fear, we get to work to find real and lasting solutions,” she declared. “Our Administration remains 100% supportive of ensuring our nation is equipped with all the medical supplies we need, and getting a vaccine developed and distributed as safely and quickly as possible. This is something that both political parties should support, encourage, and celebrate. No one should be promoting fear of real solutions for purely political ends.”

Following her remarks, Melania, according to pool reports made an unscheduled stop at the Republican Committee of Lancaster County to deliver dinner to the 30 campaign volunteers as a thank you.

“We want to thank all of you for your support and your hard work. We have a week to go. Let’s hope we win Pennsylvania. We were at a rally. It was a big success. We hope this is a big success as well,” Melania said thanking the volunteers, according to the pool report. “I brought some pizza for you. Bon Appetite.”

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  • william couch
    October 29, 2020

    “MY” First lady!!!

  • mofromtn
    October 29, 2020

    Such a sweet lady, haven’t seen a classy lady in our White House in a very long time.

  • ROSE
    October 28, 2020


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