Unauthorized Melania Trump Biography ‘The Art of Her Deal’ Comes Out in June

A Washington Post reporter has written an unauthorized biography of First Lady Melania Trump that is scheduled to be released June 16.

The book, titled “The Art of Her Deal,” was written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan is based on interviews conducted with more than 100 people in five countries, according to publisher Simon & Schuster who announced the book release on Wednesday

“Throughout her public life, Melania Trump has purposefully worked to remain mysterious. With the help of key people speaking publicly for the first time and never-before-seen documents and tapes, The Art of Her Deal looks beyond the surface image to find a determined immigrant and the life she had before she met Donald Trump,” Simon & Schuster said in the announcement. “The Art of Her Deal shows the First Lady has been far more influential in the White House than most people realize—she is not only part of President Trump’s inner circle, but for some key decisions, she has been his single most influential adviser. Jordan documents Melania’s key role in Trump’s political life before and at the White House, and shows why he trusts her instincts above all.”

The statement added, “And while it is her husband who became famous for the phrase “the art of the deal,” it is she who has consistently used her leverage to get exactly what she wants.”

According to a statement from the author, Jordan began working on the book in 2015 before President Trump won the presidency in 2016. The book details all the interviews Jordan conducted while traveling to the five countries and covers Melania’s life from her childhood in Slovenia, her modeling days and her six year long relationship with President Trump before they got married in 2005. She also covers Melania’s role the past three years as First Lady.

“The real Melania Trump is far more interesting than the image that many people have of her,” Jordan said in a statement. “She is already gearing up for 2020, and she wants to win as much as her husband does.”

This isn’t the first time an unauthorized biography has been written about the life of Melania. Last December, CNN reporter Kate Bennett, who exclusively covers Melania wrote “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography”  to give readers “just how groundbreaking Melania Trump is and why she matters.”

My personal take — Bennett’s book “Free Melania” was not biased and well researched. It helped me gain more insight into Melania’s life before and during the time she was heavily covered as Trump’s girlfriend and wife until he ran in 2015 and became a victim of hatred. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in learning more about this beautiful First Lady. I look forward to checking out the latest book from WaPo reporter as the title is very catchy and to see if Jordan was able to get more insight of Melania. 

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Unauthorized Melania Trump Biography ‘The Art of Her Deal’ Comes Out in June

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