Trump Touts America’s Energy Independence In Oil-Rich West Texas

President Trump on Wednesday visited Texas oil-rich city Wednesday, touting America’s energy independence before signing four permits granting approval to vital pipeline and railway infrastructure as well as extending the export authorization for liquefied natural gas.

“The United States of America is now the number one energy superpower anywhere in the world,” Trump said during remarks at Double Eagle Energy Oil Rig in Midland, Texas. “It took a long time to be independent. And as long as I’m your President, we will never let anyone put American energy out of business.”

“For the first time in nearly 70 years, we have become a net energy exporter. The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas on the face of the Earth,” Trump continued.

Before signing the four energy infrastructure presidential permits, Trump announced his administration has finalized the policy proposed of extending liquified natural gas export authorization through the year 2050. 

“To ensure we maintain this dominant position, my administration is announcing today that export authorizations for American liquefied natural gas can now be extended through the year 2050,” he said.

Regarding the permits, Trump called it “another bold action to support energy jobs,” stating the four critical permits “granting approval to vital pipeline and railway infrastructure” along the U.S. Mexico border, including two permits “allowing the export of Texas crude” to Mexico.

Two of the presidential permits authorize the construction and maintenance of existing pipelines facilities that will transport hydrocarbons and petroleum products between the U.S. and Mexico. The third permit also authorized the construction and operation of a new railway bridge between the U.S. and Mexico border. Trump’s fourth permit grants the maintenance and operation of the Keystone pipeline at the U.S.-Canada border.

During his remarks, the president railed against the “crazy left radical Democrats” for embracing the “Green New Deal disaster” energy policies, warning if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the presidency would mean “the death of American prosperity.”

“While my administration is fighting for workers like you, the radical left is fighting to abolish American energy, destroy the oil and gas industries, and wipe out your jobs,” Trump said. “Washington Democrats have embraced Representative Ocasio- Cortez’s nearly $100 trillion Green New Deal disaster. I’ve added the fourth word — it’s a “disaster” which would ban oil and gas leasing on all federal lands. If these far-left politicians ever get into power, they will demolish not only your industry, but the entire U.S. economy.”

“Their platform calls for mandating zero-carbon emissions from power plants by 2035.  In other words, no drilling, no fracking, no coal, no shale, no gas, no oil. The policies required to implement this extreme agenda would mean the death of American prosperity and the end of the American middle class,” he added.

As Trump was heading to the Lone Star state, Biden released a statement targeting the president for politicking in a state dealing with two crises at the same time — the coronavirus pandemic and the havoc from Hurricane Hanna in Southeast Texas that has made the situation “far more precarious.

“Texas families are suffering. They’re suffering because President Trump’s inability to lead this country and combat the spread of COVID-19, Biden said. “Both the continued COVID-19 surges and Hurricane Hanna’s impact must be met with swift action from the state and federal government. Mr. President, now isn’t the time for politicking or photo-ops. Texans need a President with the experience and vision to fight for families no matter how many catastrophes reach our shores.”

Earlier, Trump headlined a private fundraising event, raising $7 million for his reelection campaign before touring the oil rig where he delivered remarks and signed the four permits.

Texas has traditionally been a Republican stronghold in presidential elections, but the Real Clear Politics average in Texas shows Trump with only a slight edge of 0.2 in a state he won by 9 points in 2016. A Quinnipiac University poll released last week showed Biden beating Trump 45 percent to 44 percent, giving Democrats the hope the state might be winnable in November. 

The Biden campaign launched its first general election TV ads in Texas earlier this month. 

Texas is the second-biggest haul of electoral votes, with 38. The last time Texas went blue was in 1976 when they voted for Jimmy Carter.

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