Trump To Counter DNC Programming With Visit To Four Swing States

President Trump will hit the road next week, campaigning in four states at the same time Democrats will virtually gather for the Democratic National Convention.

On Monday, Trump will visit Minnesota and Wisconsin while on Tuesday will head to Arizona to hold events highlighting “Joe Biden’s record of failures” and draw contrasts with his opponents on issues like “law and order, jobs, the economy, and immigration.” 

The travel plans, according to a Trump campaign staffer includes stops in Mankato, Minnesota, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin where Trump will speak at both stops on the issue of the economy and jobs. For Tuesday, Trump will travel to Yuma, Arizona to discuss immigration and the expected plan for Thursday will be scheduled before Biden gives his acceptance speech will be on the topic of former Vice President record of failure that includes jobs and trade policy.

The events will seek to counter the Democratic convention that is officially being held virtually. During the two days, Trump will hold events, former Presidents Obama and Clinton, former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and others are expected to address the convention remotely. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is scheduled to speak on Tuesday, but will only get 60 seconds to speak.

Trump is also expected to travel to his presumptive Democratic nominee opponent Joe Biden hometown of Scranton, Pa., next Thursday, the same day the former Vice President will give his acceptance nomination speech in Delaware. This trip, according to the Trump campaign has yet to be officially announced. 

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Wisconsin, Trump announced during a “tele-rally” with Wisconsin supporters. 

The convention was initially slated to be held in Milwaukee starting next Monday through Thursday, but majority of the events have been largely scrapped amid the coronavirus pandemic. The theme for their convention will feature “nightly themes” devoted to “We the People,” “Leadership Matters,” “A More Perfect Union,” and “America’s Promise.”

The President, along with Pence traveling to The Badger State as Biden canceled his plans to travel five minutes away from his home as a convenience and to showcases how Democrats are according to ignore Wisconsin just like they did in 2016, according to Trump.

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Trump To Counter DNC Programming With Visit To Four Swing States

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