Trump Says He’ll ‘Probably’ Deliver Nomination Convention Speech From White House

“I’ll probably do mine live from the White House,” Trump said. "It's easy and I think it's a beautiful setting."

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President Trump on Wednesday said he’ll “probably” deliver his speech accepting the Republican nomination live from the White House.

“I’ll probably do mine live from the White House,” Trump said during a “Fox & Friends” interview Wednesday morning. “If for some reason somebody had difficulty with it, I would — I could, you know, go someplace else.”

Trump said delivering the speech from the White House as being “the easiest alternative,” adding that it would also be the least expensive for American taxpayers.

“We’re thinking about doing it from the White House because there’s no movement,” Trump continued. “It’s easy and I think it’s a beautiful setting and we are thinking about that it’s certainly one of the alternatives. It would be the easiest from the standpoint of security. You know these, they move with a lot of people, it’s a very expensive operation militarily. And law enforcement-wise. The Secret Service is fantastic. But it’s a big deal.”

He added: “I think it’s a great place and greatly representative of our nation. It would by far be the least expensive from the country’s standpoint because it really is it’s a big deal when you get up and move all of this apparatus.”

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night that Republican National Convention planners were considering the White House South Lawn as one of several locations for the televised acceptance speech, as well as Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., but those involved in the planning said no final decision has been made regarding the venue or location for the GOP convention’s celebratory events.

Trump said First Lady Melania Trump will also deliver a speech, as well as close Republican allies, mentioning Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jim Jordan of Ohio by name as the “numerous people” who will deliver virtual speeches from around the country during the three-day celebratory event. 

“The first lady’ making a speech, numerous people are making speeches, senators, a lot of very, very terrific people. We have a brilliant, terrific speakers list,” Trump said. “Some of the warrior congressmen that you’ve watched. Jim Jordan and so many others. Matt Gaetz. These guys were warriors.”

Trump last month abruptly canceled the Jacksonville portion of the GOP convention in Jacksonville, Florida amid a surge of coronavirus cases in the Sunshine state. The first day of the Republican convention is still scheduled to take place at the original site of Charlotte, North Carolina for a scaled-down party meeting session. About 300 delegates will convene on Aug. 24 to formally renominate Trump. 

The president stated that he plans to travel to Charlotte to personally thank the few hundred delegates gathering. However, Trump previously stated that he will not deliver his acceptance speech in Charlotte, saying he is planning to deliver his address during the final night of the convention on Thursday night.

The convention scheduled for Aug-24-27 will be followed by three days of mixed events consisting of virtual speeches and live programming in sites to be determined.

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Trump Says He’ll ‘Probably’ Deliver Nomination Convention Speech From White House

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