Trump Lambast His ‘Radical Socialist’ Democratic Rivals Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

President Trump lambasted his top Democratic presidential rivals at a rally in Iowa Thursday night just days before the nation’s first presidential caucuses.

“During this campaign season, the good people of Iowa have had a front row seat to the lunacy and the madness of the totally sick left,” Trump said. “This November, we are going to defeat the Radical Socialist Democrats and win the Great State of Iowa in a Historic Landslide!.”

Trump’s rally, held at a packed 7,000-capacity arena at Drake University with some of his potential Democratic contenders were campaigning nearby. Three Democratic presidential candidates vying for success in the state are stuck in Washington for the impeachment trial.

While listing his major accomplishments, Trump picked apart the Democratic hopefuls. He mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for his sporadic verbal missteps, claiming it is “really over” for him.

“He always gets the name wrong,” Trump said. “How many times has he missed it. He is in Iowa, he says, great to be in the great state of Ohio. They say, Joe, you are in Iowa. You cannot do that. No matter how great you speak. If you are Winston Churchill, if you make that mistake at the beginning of your speech, it is over. That poor guy is so lost. It was over for him a long time ago, now it’s really over.”

Hours before President Trump rally, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden held an event touted as a rebuttal to Trump’s rally. The former Vice President went on a full-frontal attack against the president, calling him a “bully”

“This is a president who laughs at, insults, demeans, and demonizes other people,” Biden said. “He’s more a bully than a president.”

Trump blasted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as “Mini Mike,” noting that he is skipping key states including Iowa as he campaigns in other states for Democratic nomination

“What happened to mini Mike? Where is he? He’s not running here. He’s skipping four or five states. Mini Mike,” Trump said. “I’ve had him up to here.”

He also took aim at former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, poking fun at his difficult-to-pronounce last name and his inexperience.

“How about But-Edge-Edge?” Trump said. “They call him Mayor Pete. You know why? Nobody can pronounce his name. He presides over a city that’s failed, in a state that’s having the greatest year they’ve ever had.”

While deriding Democrats and their ideas, Trump positioned himself as a champion of Iowa’s voters, touting his recent trade agreements with China, and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal he signed into law a day prior.

“I worked so hard for this state,” Trump told the crowd as they erupted in cheers. “You’re going to have to get bigger tractors and a hell of a lot more land.” 

“If we don’t win, your farms are going to hell,” he warned. “They don’t care about the farmers

On the impeachment trial that is expected to end with the president being acquitted, Trump said he wasn’t worried, calling it a “happy period.”

“While we’re proudly creating jobs and killing terrorists, congressional Democrats are consumed with partisan rage and obsessed with a deranged witch hunt hoax,” Trump decried. “We’re having probably the best years that we’ve ever had in our country, and I just got impeached! Can you believe these people? I got impeached. They impeached Trump. No, that’s not gonna work. Watch. Just watch.”

Why am I not worried? I should be worried,” Trump added, “This is a happy period for us,” Trump said. “It’s a happy period because we call it ‘impeachment light.'”

The rally is the president’s fourth in 2020, and it marks his first return to Iowa since he traveled there last June to tout his efforts to promote gasoline with higher blends of ethanol, a popular position with Iowa farmers.

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