Trump: Harris Will Be A ‘Big Failure’ As Biden’s Running Mate

President Trump on Wednesday weighed in on the newly anointed vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) calling her “very weak on facts”  and predicting she will be a “big failure” as Joe Biden’s running mate.

“I read today, that she’s very short on facts. I think she’s going to be a big failure,” Trump said during his coronavirus press briefing Wednesday evening. “I look forward to the debate between her and Mike Pence, because I think he’ll do even better against her than he did against Senator Kaine, which was a total wipeout. So we’ll see how it all works out.”

The president told reporters he caught “a moment” of his Democratic rivals’ first joint event as Democratic running mates in Delaware held prior to his press briefing.

“I didn’t watch. I saw just a moment of him speaking and a moment of her speaking,” Trump said.

During the widely televised public appearance as a ticket, Harris devoted the majority of her campaign speech criticizing the president’s handling of the coronavirus and compared it to the Ebola public health crisis during former President Obama administration.

When asked to respond to her remarks, Trump assailed Harris for getting “her facts wrong” and noted as “one of the reasons” her short-lived presidential bid hit “rock bottom” before the first primaries votes were even cast.

“I think that’s probably one of the reasons she was a terrible candidate and was forced to leave the race, because she got her facts wrong. She’s very bad on facts, she’s very weak on facts,” Trump said, adding Biden made a “very risky pick.” 

The president recalled the California Senator vigorous attacks towards Biden during the Democratic presidential primary, saying Harris said “far worse thing about Biden than I ever did” and believed the accusations made towards the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“Look, he made a choice, he picked her. I watched her, I watched her poll numbers go, boom, boom, boom, down to almost nothing. And she left angry, she left mad, there was nobody more insulting to Biden than she was,” Trump stated. “She said horrible things about him, including accusations made about him by a woman where she, I guess, believed the woman. And now all of a sudden, she’s running to be vice-president saying how wonderful he is. I thought it was a very unusual pick. She went down, but she went down in a very terrible way and she said horrible things about Biden. She said far worse about Biden than I ever did. And now, she’s running as vice-president. So how does that work?”

He went on noting Harris far-left liberal positions such as banning fracking and fossil fuels, tax hike as well as “defund or at least substantially reduce money going to police departments” will be widely unpopular in states like Pennsylvania, and Texas.

“If you look, she wants a $3 trillion tax hike, no fracking. How do you think no fracking in Pennsylvania is going to play? That’s a big fracking state,” Trump said. “If you didn’t have energy produced that way, you would have taxes that would triple and you’d have unemployment that you wouldn’t believe. She wants no fossil fuels. No fossil fuels. Really? Tell that to Texas.”

Trump added, “[Biden] wants to increase everybody’s Taxes. And she’s one of the people that wants that. I mean, you take a look at that. She wants to defund or at least substantially reduce money going to police departments, and you can’t do that. 

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