Trump Campaign Takes Over YouTube Homepage With Ads Ahead of Presidential Debate

The Trump campaign secured the YouTube homepage masthead banner with four rotating digital ads for Tuesday night first 2020 presidential debate.

On the YouTube homepage, the masthead banner features four videos titled “Joe Biden’s Plan: Surrender,” “Abraham Accords,” “I See A Way Out,” and “Joe Biden Can’t Speak for Himself.”

One of the promoted video “Joe Biden’s Plan Surrender” focuses on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden plan as a “surrender” then a “solution” for the coronavirus.

“Biden’s plan is not a solution, but it’s a virtual surrender,” a voice-over says. “Biden plan for the China virus is to shut down the entire U.S. economy. It uses past clips from the former Vice President interview clips as well as parts of his Democratic nomination acceptance speech. “Biden wants to surrender our country to the virus, he wants to surrender our families to the violent left-wing mob and he wants to surrender our jobs to China,” the clip adds. The end of the clip has a headline asking, “can your family afford to surrender.”

In another ad “Abraham Accords,” it highlights President Trump recent Middle East peace agreements with two Arab nations and Israel. 

“They said it couldn’t be done, but President Trump did it,” the voice narrative says. “The first Middle East peace agreement in decades,” a voice-over states. “President Trump brought once bitter enemies, Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE together to make peace, President Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Leadership that makes the world safer.”

“Teleprompter Joe” video ad begins with the viral Fox News interview of Biden’s National campaign spokesperson TJ Ducklo refusing to answer Special Report host, Bret Baier question if Biden uses a teleprompter. The next clip shows a Town Hall Biden held earlier this month where he was caught asking his staff “move it up here,” and then the former vice president speaking word by word. In another part of the video, a clip shows Biden holding up a framed photo with a reflection showing that a teleprompter is seen as proof until it shifts to the Baier segment pressing Ducklo to answer the question. A question pops up at the end of the clip stating, “Joe Biden can’t speak for himself, who is really in charge?”

The fourth ad promoted “I See A Way Out,” is a 2 and a half minute video of a Trump supporter, a Black man name Gary Lamb talking about the “silent majority” that will carry Trump to an electoral victory.

The ad on YouTube header mirrors Trump campaign advertising buy during the four days of the DNC last month.

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