Trump Campaign File Petition Seeking Partial Recount In Wisconsin

The Trump Campaign will seek a partial recount in Wisconsin, selecting two heavily Democratic countries to file a petition to recount votes, citing these locations had “the worst irregularities.” 

The two counties the Trump campaign selected were Milwaukee and Dane, stating reasons of “illegally altered absentee ballots, illegally issued absentee ballots, and illegal advice given by government officials allowing Wisconsin’s Voter ID laws to be circumvented.”

“The people of Wisconsin deserve to know whether their election processes worked in a legal and transparent way. Regrettably, the integrity of the election results cannot be trusted without a recount in these two counties and uniform enforcement of Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements. We will not know the true results of the election until only the legal ballots cast are counted,” Trump campaign counsel Jim Troupis said in a statement. “We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process to ensure that all Americans can trust the results of a free and fair election in Wisconsin and across the country.”

Wisconsin election officials confirmed that they received a partial payment of $3 million wired from the Trump campaign Tuesday night. A statewide price tag was projected to cost $7.9 million.

“The Wisconsin Elections Commission has received a wire transfer from the Trump campaign for $3 million,” WEC confirmed Wednesday morning as they were waiting for the petition to be filed to began informing the countries of a recount preparation.

On Wednesday afternoon, a petition filed personally from President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, alleging “mistakes and fraud” committed throughout the state, but in particular in Madison, Milwaukee, and throughout Dane County that showed overwhelming numbers for Biden. 

In Milwaukee County, Biden leads Trump 317,270 votes to 134,357, according to the final canvass. The county canvass added 19 votes for Biden and 2 for Trump compared to the unofficial Nov. 3rd results.

On the second county mentioned petitioned for a recount — Dane County, Biden leads Trump 260,185 to 78,800. The county canvass added 28 votes for Biden and 11 votes for Trump.

Together, the two counties represent more than 35% of Biden’s statewide vote total.

Biden won 49.5% of the ballots after the state verified its canvassed results on Tuesday while Trump received 48.8%. The official canvass of votes showed a 20,608 vote difference between Trump and Biden.

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  • Frances Weingarten
    November 19, 2020

    Biden has shown himself — over and over again! — as a lieing, unscrupulous person who doesn’t deserve a seat in Congress and should be removed from everyhing that he’s been involved in up to now!

  • Gene Ralno
    November 19, 2020

    There is no such thing as a gang of one, or even two when crime is so widespread that even children can see and understand it. Dominion machine users clearly are responsible for colossal voter fraud and must be brought to account. Other states controlled by democrats have been greatly emboldened by this massive movement and resorted to mail-in ballots that so massively confused the counts that local officials did the deed under bright lights. The people of America on both sides of the aisle need to rise up and demand justice and a totally new election under more honest conditions.

    November 19, 2020

    Right now it is too obvious the voting machines were interferred with and also designed by Venezuela’s dictator for just that purpose and also many were shut down for a clear amount of time for that infamous reset. And you canNOT edit at six feet or more what is being passed on as valid or not in the counting process. This was a dim wit fix backed by foreign operatives. Hillary, Nanc, Soros, Bloomboy, etc. backed this system. It is of communist design to steal our votes forever. Stalin would approve of this move by the DNC and those haters of the USA MAGA.

    Now it remains, are we going to let this happen?

  • Bob
    November 18, 2020

    What good is a recount if all you are doing is recounting the same illegal ballots over and over and expecting a different result? That is Einstein’s definition of insanity. What must happen is an audit of all ballots. An audit will uncover illegal voting, but just a recount will show nothing.

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Trump Campaign File Petition Seeking Partial Recount In Wisconsin

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