Trump: Biden’s ‘Buy American’ Proposal Is ‘Plagiarized From Me’

President Trump on Friday said the new “Buy American” economic plan presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden just released is “plagiarized.” 

“He plagiarized from me, but he can never pull it off,” Trump responded to a reporter question about Biden’s plan for the economy before heading to Florida.

Biden on Thursday unveiled his economic platform calls for a $400 billion investment in federal purchases for American products to rebuild infrastructure while the rest of the $300 billion going towards investment in research and development.

Dubbed “Build Back Better,” the plan from Biden was peppered with slogans such as “Buy American,” “American Prosperity” “Made In America,” and “Made by American” — talking points Trump campaigned on in 2016 to help him win the White House. The messaging the former Vice President laid appeared to acknowledge the economic success of Trump “America First” rhetoric that helped the economy soar pre-coronavirus.

“He likes plagiarizing. It’s a plan that is very radical left but he says the right things because he’s copying what I’ve done,” Trump said. “But the difference is he can’t do it, and he knows he’s not doing that.”

The remark from the president was in reference to the former Vice President “plagiarizing” incident scandal that occurred over 30 years ago that sank Biden’s first bid for the White House. Biden’s short three-month bid in 1987 was plagued with numerous plagiarized campaign speeches, committing plagiarism during his law school years, misstatements, and fabrication that would linger over his political years to this date.

Trump slammed other parts of Biden’s plan, citing the presumptive Democratic nominee proposal to pay for his plan by implementing a $4 trillion in tax increase and his calls to put back regulations that the president removed.

“He can’t do the same because he’s raising taxes way too much, he’s raising everybody’s taxes. He’s also putting tremendous amounts of regulations back on, and those two things are two primary reasons that I created the greatest economy we’ve ever had and now we’re creating it again.”

The White House also echoed Trump’s remark, saying Biden is up to his old tricks. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called it “really rich” that Biden is desperate to “plagiarize and copy” a popular proposal of “Buy American” from President Trump. 

“Yesterday, for all to see, he was plagiarizing Donald Trump — ‘Buy American,’” Conway told reporters. “I think it’s really rich that he feels so desperate he now has to plagiarize and copy President Trump. I think he recognizes that ‘Buy American’ is very popular.

She added it is “easy to do” copy the president’s economic agenda because he was the one that brought back wealth and jobs that were “parked overseas because of the Obama-Biden policies and the policies of other presidents.”

“Joe Biden has a record, and he should be pressed on that record,” Conway said. “That record was not pro-American worker, pro-American industry, pro-manufacturing. He was for all these non-reciprocal, imbalanced trade deals that screwed the American workers, screwed American industry, screwed America for many years.”

The Biden campaign fired back at Trump’s remarks, saying the president “had four years to put in place a “Buy American policies” and failed.

“Joe Biden has been fighting for American workers and American manufacturers for decades — even back when Donald Trump was building hotels made with steel imported from China, selling made-in-China shirts and ties, and outsourcing American jobs for his personal profit,” Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield said. “As President, Trump broke his campaign promise to stop corporations from sending jobs overseas, and his corporate tax giveaways have actually encouraged companies to offshore factories and production. During the outset of the pandemic, he sent critical supplies overseas instead of keeping them here in the US.”

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