Trump Announces Second Historic Bahrain-Israel Peace Deal

“This is a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East," Trump said.

President Trump on Friday announced that he has brokered another huge Middle East deal to establish full diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Israel, the second such breakthrough agreement in less than a month between an Arab nation and the Jewish state.

“On this occasion, I want to thank the leaders of Israel and Bahrain for their vision and courage to forge this historic agreement,” Trump said announcing the historic deal from the Oval Office Friday afternoon. “The leadership is proving that the future can be filled with hope and does not need to be predetermined by conflicts of the past. We know all about the conflicts of the past, they’re very legendary. There was a lot of problems going on but we’ve been able to work things out to a level that nobody thought possible. This is really something very special, very, very special.”

“This is a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East. Opening direct dialogue and ties between these two dynamic societies and advanced economies will continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and increase stability, security and prosperity in the region,” Trump said in a joint statement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and King Hamad bin Isa Salman al-Khalifa of Bahrain,” Trump added.

Israel and Bahrain have committed to begin the exchange of embassies and ambassadors, start direct flights between their countries, and launch cooperation initiatives across a broad range of sectors.

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  • Grampa Mullan
    September 13, 2020

    The president may not be a great orator and may not use the politically correct phrases that we gauge great leaders.fallacies all as standards that tell us he is someone great; well people use words to deceive and manipulate into a false sense of security. this president must be judged on accomplishments. ones he did while fighting the slings and arrows of a party so long abandoned the people it used to serve but now control. what could he have done had he not been distracted? I have seen what politics played within government and it has given such grievance to the left that they attack at every drop of blood within the waters of the political arena. the mindless attacks that could equate to the sharks feeding frenzy that infects both government and media who should have the peoples well being in mind and not their quest for power and control. with each day that passes the left strives to take yet another small bite of our freedoms When we have a president that takes it back the gather to make plans of attack, with one goal to remove their opposition. All the awards and prizes are meaningless to this president. he doesn’t want awards he wants results. Results is what he gets as he accepts none of the excuses these nations were used to handing out as reasons to attack each other. Running a nation like a business has proven the model to follow. he doesn’t need money and can’t be bought. threats proves fruitless as it only strengthens his resolve and fights back with renewed efforts knowing that his methods are working. we have a choice in November to renew our path to recovery and prosperity.don’t let politics play its twisted reasoning to remove their opposition for them. had they anything of substance against this president they would have used it.GBA!!!——Grampa

  • william couch
    September 12, 2020

    ONLY DJT could get this done!!

    September 12, 2020

    So many FIRSTS and we are still divided thanks to our enemies within. Recognize the enemy within. It is the dim wits, the raving maniac liberals, the brownshirts of soros and his desire to emulate his dead hero hitler. BLM, ANTIFA, ETC. are all his brownshirts and today we see what happened in Germany circa 1930s.

    Time to wake up. Do we want a communist dictatorship clothed the lying excuse that the whole institution of our government is suppressive? And are we passive enough to let the dim wits jam the voter fraud, the terribly flawed candidates, their whole non agenda through in this country without a fight? I don’t think so. Vote first and if they fowl that up then stand with Trump and bring your weapons to the fight.

Being a reporter seems a ticket out to the world.

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