Tim Gunn Endorses Mike Bloomberg For President

Former ‘Project Runway’ judge Tim Gunn is endorsing billionaire Mike Bloomberg in the 2020 Democratic primary.

“The fight for LGBTQ+ rights didn’t end with our marriage equality victory in the Supreme Court,” Gunn said in a statement endorsing the former New York City mayor. “Mike Bloomberg knows this runs counter to America’s fundamental values of equality, liberty, and justice. And he has the compassion and courage of his convictions to fight for what’s right.”

Gunn says he hopes to also help spread the word in backing Bloomberg’s campaign.

In an interview with People Magazine, Gunn explained his decision to back Bloomberg, joining the campaign’s LGBTQ leadership council, and how he didn’t “feel excitement and enthusiasm” with any of the Democratic presidential contenders.

“I would like to see part of my role being to help people understand who Bloomberg is and that he is in the race, because I would say for the most part they aren’t right now,” Gunn told People Magazine. “I was feeling listless and bland about them, but with Bloomberg I actually perk up. It’s just an added bonus when you feel excitement and enthusiasm about a candidate and among the pack he’s the only one I can say that about. Do I like some of them? Yeah. But do they pull at my heart strings? No.”

Also joining the leadership council with Gunn is another prominent gay fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and Olympic basketball player Gail Marquis who will help advocate for Bloomberg and inform voters about Bloomberg’s equal rights policy.

Bloomberg outlined his LGBTQ earlier this week, promising to “reverse the multitude of policy setbacks to LGBTQ Americans under the Trump administration” by focusing on workplace equality, disparities in health care, protecting youth and families, and ending violence.

The former New York City mayor has garnished numerous celebrity endorsement for his 2020 bid, including “Judge Judy” Sheindlin, actor Michael Douglas, former “Law and Order” Sam Waterson, and former NFL player Dhani Jones.

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01.31.20 12:42 AM

Good reason to back a candidate!

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Tim Gunn Endorses Mike Bloomberg For President

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