Thousands Of NY Trump Supporters Take Part in ‘MAGA-Gras’ Car Parade

Thousands of enthusiastic Trump supporters gathered Sunday in Long Island, New York for a road rally in support of President Trump.

The event, dubbed “MAGA-Gras II Trump Truck/Car Parade” attracted supporters from all over the Long Island area, New York City, and some from Westchester county. Over 1,500 people participating in the parade, according to police numbers.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even Humvees jammed packed the parking lot in Riverhead before the start of the parade. Many of the four-wheelers were decorated with flags and signs supporting Trump’s re-election with flags of “Trump 2020,” “MAGA,” “No More Bulls–t” and “Keep America Great.” Along with Trump 2020 flags, an assorted flags array were also seen showing support for the U.S. with the American Flag, the American flags with blue stripes for “Blue Lives Matter,” “Don’t Tread on Me,” military and pro-2nd Amendment flags. Supporters of all ages donned a vast assortment of Trump hats and shirts as many “Four more years.”

Crowds of cheering residents were seen gathering the sidewalk, also sporting Trump flags or clothing gear, as they waved to passing motorists that drove from East Northport through Riverhead along Route 25 for the first leg of the event.

“I wanted to get the silent majority energized before the election and to get them excited to vote for our president who fights for us,” Shawn Farash the organizer of the event told Floridian Press. “For three years I’ve really been thinking about ways to get the ‘Silent Majority’ folks excited, and bring people together.”

“The China virus winds up coming through and it shuts things down and there’s all this pent up energy, there’s all this pent up demand,” he added. “People were tired of being home, tired of being told what you could and couldn’t do regarding gatherings but then we saw the riots in the streets and they weren’t peaceful protest as some in the news labeled it. We saw the riots in the streets, and we wanted to do something without rioting, a peaceful protest to show people what it means in exercising your First Amendment rights. So here we are in a parking lot, with thousands of people, and we’re ready to do something big. This is going to make a difference. This is so big.”

When asked about Democrats downplaying Trump parades, both the boat and car parades that are being held across the nation, Farash laughed off their argument saying they are “nothing but flapping gums ridiculous.”

In a Facebook event page, Farash said people have the right to show their support to the president and this event allows them to publicly support Trump, law enforcement, and America.

“Trucks, cars, bikes, flags, hats, and anything else that is in support of our country, our servicemen and women, our veterans, our law enforcement, and our first responders, and of course, our President, is welcome,” Farash wrote in a post on the event page. ” The silent majority — silent no more. Four more years on the table. Let’s get it. And rock the world, again.”

A promotional video for the second event showed clips of the first car parade that occurred earlier this month.

“This is our country and we’re taking it back,” the voice-over is heard saying. “The American spirit cannot be held down. We’re seeing it. We’re living proof of that. And we’re not the only ones. There are more of us out there. And what we’ve done is only the beginning.”

“On July 4, 1776, they fought to create our country. On Nov. 3, 2020 we fight to save it.”

Over the summer, similar events showing support for Trump were held but on the nation’s waterways known as Trump Boat Parade. The infamous boat parade first started in Florida, the nation’s boating capital before the summer began, and quickly grown in popularity across the country. 

Trump has publicly praised the boat parades to show the enthusiasm gap between his supporters and those of Biden. In June, Trump tweeted a video of a Trump flotilla in Florida thanking “our beautiful boaters” and promising, “I will never let you down!”

In 2016, Trump won 52.5 percent of the Long Island Suffolk County vote in 2016. 

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  • Erleebird
    September 24, 2020

    Hurray for President Donald Trump! Looks like it might be a landslide! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  • A.Olsson
    September 22, 2020

    The nerve of the Governor & the Mayor of NY to show their faces in public is mindboggling. Their names are mud and they know it.

  • kotoc
    September 22, 2020

    I keep hearing or reading about how Biden is leading in the polls. How?? I see lots of Trump supporters having large parades and boat rallies, not to mention the HUGE crowds at Trump rallies, in lots and lots of places in the U.S. But the Biden supporters are out looting and burning in the name of BLM. The only way I can see a Biden win is if they cheat and steal the election.

  • william couch
    September 22, 2020

    MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

  • cher
    September 22, 2020

    very cool

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Thousands Of NY Trump Supporters Take Part in ‘MAGA-Gras’ Car Parade

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