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Biden: U.S. Would Respond ‘Militarily’ If China Invades Taiwan

Biden's Taiwan Comment Sparks Backlash From China As White House Attempts To Walk Back President's Remark

President Biden said the United States would intervene militarily if China attempted to invade Taiwan, a remark that appeared to deviate from the deliberate ambiguity traditionally held by Washington and thrice again sow confusion over U.S. policy in the region.


Biden On Chauvin Trial: ‘Praying The Verdict Is The Right Verdict’

President Biden took the unusual step in weighing in on a highly controversial trial that has rocked the nation for the past year just before a verdict had been reached, saying that he believes the evidence presented was “overwhelming” against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin accused of murdering George Floyd, making it widely clear that he is “praying the verdict” from jurors reached will be to convict.


Psaki Backtracks Biden’s Border ‘Crisis’ Remarks

The White House on Monday walks back remarks President Biden made over the weekend in referring to the influx surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border as a “crisis,” arguing that he misspoke and that he actually was implying the conditions in Central America that have led to migrants to flee, not the situation regarding minors being held in cramped jail-like detention facilities at the border.


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