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Secretary of Senate Declines Joe Biden’s Request to Disclose Tara Reade Allegation Complaint

The former vice president said Reade’s complaint, if it exists, would be kept in the National Archives, but now the Secretary of the Senate says she has “no discretion” to disclose the complaint.

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The Secretary of the Senate on Monday declined to comply with former Vice President Joe Biden’s request to “disclose any such information” pertaining to Tara Reade’s complaint of sexual harassment.


Biden Campaign, University of Delaware Refuse to Release Guarded Senate Records

The campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the University of Delaware are refusing to grant public access to his 36-years career Senatorial records that possibly could shed light on former staffer Tara Reade complaint of alleged sexual assault. But, the campaign recently had accessed to the archives in the past year and possibly “removed all documents that corroborate” the allegation story.


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