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NY Attorney General To Appoint Independent Investigator Following Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cuomo

Engulfed in two sets of sexual harrasment allegations made by former aides in less than one week, New York scandal-embroiled Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) finally surrendered on the state’s Attorney General Letitia James request by granting a referral for her office to be the sole authority in investigating, with subpoena authority the claims of misconduct.


Garland Says He ‘Does Not Know The Facts’ Regarding Federal Probe Of Cuomo’s Nursing Home Coverup

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pressed Attorney General nominee Judge Merrick Garland during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing whether a reported federal probe into New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic would be compromised due to a personal family tie from one of his top aide, who happens to be the person that admitted to the revelation of the cover-up of the state’s nursing home COVID-19 death toll data.


Cuomo Blows Off Shocking Nursing Home Report: ‘Who cares!’

In his first public remarks since a scathing report found that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) administration undercounted nursing home deaths by 4,000, the governor on Friday said it didn’t matter how a COVID death was counted in a nursing home or hospital as he sort to continue the blame game on the Trump Administration for the entire investigation.