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Cruz Blast Reporter for Suggesting his Children Should Be in Prison

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blasted a reporter for playing a “nasty Washington game” after suggesting the Senator’s children should be in prison while posing a question about Hunter Biden.


Cruz Condemn Impeachment Managers for ‘Table Banging’

Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) opined on the marathon proceedings on the Senate floor Tuesday night, condemning Democrats for being “redundant” and ““banging the table” because they don’t have facts.


Sanders: ‘I’d rather being Iowa’ Campaigning than in Washington for Impeachment Trial

Democratic hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-VT) said he rather be on the campaign trial than stuck in Washington D.C. for President Trump’s impeachment trial that could last for weeks. “I’d rather be in Iowa today. There’s a caucus there in two and a half weeks. I’d rather be in New Hampshire and Nevada and so forth,” Sanders told reporters Thursday after being sworn in to serve as an impeachment juror. “But I swore a constitutional oath as a United States senator to do my job, and I’m here to do my job.”


Senators Sworn In To Render ‘Impartial Justice’ For Impeachment Trial

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts arrived in the U.S. Senate Thursday afternoon to prepare for his role presiding over the impeachment trial of President Trump and swore in the oath to senators. “Senators, I attend the Senate in conformity with your notice for the purpose of joining with you for the trial of the president of the United States,” Roberts said before being administered the oath to preside over the trial. “I am now prepared to take the oath.”


House Votes To Transmit Articles For Senate Trial

After a 28-day delay, the House voted Wednesday to send the two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate for a trial that is expected to begin next week. The resolution passed 228-193 largely along party lines. Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) was the only Democrat to vote against the resolution. Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), who switched from Republican to Independent last year, voted in favor of the resolution.


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