Sanders Assures ‘Squad’ Members Biden Will Become The ‘Most Progressive President’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told “The Squad” that their work is not over once Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected, vowing to make sure the former Vice President becomes “the most progressive president since FDR.”

In a video zoom fundraiser event organized by progressive group MoveOn, Sanders joined the four liberal congresswomen of the “Squad” —  Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) to discuss his progressive vision that he wants to occur under a Biden presidency.

During the discussion, Omar asked Sanders what will make him “energized to continue the fight” for progressive after Nov.4.

“Our first fight is to defeat Trump and that has to happen and I know all of us are working very hard to make that happen. But we understand that electing Biden is not the end-all, it is the beginning,” Sanders responded “Okay. And I think is the result of the work that all of you have done. Biden’s proposals in this campaign are a lot longer than they were in the primary.”

Sanders added. “Biden, unlike Trump does not conceive of himself as a dictator that means you have your job in the house. I’ve got my job with others in the Senate, and we’re not giving up on our agenda.”

Sanders went on detailing progressive agendas including “Medicare for All,” Green New Deal, criminal justice reform, and immigration. He emphasized his signature health care reform as an example to show how such efforts in attempting to make this agenda a reality has led to Biden to changing parts of his health care plan.

“Biden wants to expand health care that’s good, wants to lower prescription drug costs. That’s great. Wants to double funding for community center. Very important, but you know and I know that at the end of the day, the only way that we’re going to provide quality care to every man woman and child in an affordable way is through Medicare for All,” Sanders said. “And we ain’t given up on that struggle. We’re gonna introduce Medicare for all, believe me, we are. And we have because of all of your efforts and the efforts of great doctors and nurses and others throughout the country. We got a majority of the people who support us.”

The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist went on to detail the Green New Deal, lauding Ocasio-Cortez work in making Biden’s plans and promised to go “bolder than ever before” in tackling climate change.

“Alexandria was on the climate change task force and did a great job and his proposals are stronger. Do they go as far as we would want. No, they don’t,” Sanders said. “Green New Deal we ain’t given up on that. We have got to be bolder than ever before in tackling climate change. We can create millions of good-paying jobs as we do it. We’re going to go forward on that issue and we are not retreating.”

However, Sander reiterated their first task for progressive has to be defeating Trump and after “organize our people” and push Biden to become the “most progressive president since FDR.”

It’s no secret that Sanders as well as “The Squad” members have stated their plans to push Biden further to the left since the former Vice President became the Democratic nominee.

Sanders has previously stated over the summer should the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Forces, a series of platform recommendations on six key issues are implemented, it would make Biden the “most progressive president” since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Last Sunday during a CNN interview, Ocasio-Cortez told host Jake Tapper that her role should Biden win is to “push” his administration towards a progressive vision. She also stated it is “critically important” that progressive leaders are offered a cabinet position under a Biden Administration.

“I believe that it’s critically important that the Biden administration appoint progressive leaders, whether it’s in labor, whether it’s in the Treasury, whether it’s secretary of education, because the fact of the matter is, is that this isn’t just about the progressive movement. This is about making sure that we’re not just going back to how things were and rewinding the tape before the Trump administration,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

According to a Politico article, Sanders is reported to be pushing for a position in a potential Biden cabinet, reaching out to Biden’s transition team with a specific interest in wanting the position of Labor Secretary.

President Trump and his surrogates have warned that should Biden win Tuesday, he will cater to the demands of pushing far-left agenda.

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  • Frances Weingarten
    November 4, 2020

    I’m quite certain that the American public isn’t looking for a socialist organization, which is what they will get if Joe Biden is elected! The American people are intelligent enough to reject any such thing, knowing just how unappealling a such an organization would be! The majority of Amerians aren’t socialists and socialism is not what they’re looking for!
    Frances Weingarten

  • Frances Weingarten
    November 4, 2020

    Bernie Sanders is, at best, none too swift! He has now suggested to the useless squad members that Joe Biden will become the “most progressive president”. He won’t, as he won’t be elected president! It’s very clear that Pres. Trump will enjoy another four years as the pres. of the USA and the country will be very happy to have him with them for this last term!

Being a reporter seems a ticket out to the world.

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Sanders Assures ‘Squad’ Members Biden Will Become The ‘Most Progressive President’

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