Psaki on Trump’s Impeachment Trial: Biden Is ‘President, Not A Pundit’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has fielded numerous questions about former President Trump’s impeachment trial over the last three days, refusing to weigh in on President Joe Biden views if he believes his predecessor should be convicted or barred from running possible in 2024.

As the Senate kicked off the impeachment trial, Psaki was asked by NBC’s

Kristen Welker if Biden has “any concern” that the impeachment trial would set a “dangerous precedent for the institution of the presidency,” Psaki 

replied that Biden “made clear” that the “process should proceed as history,” and it is up to the Senate to “determine the outcome.”

“We put out a statement following the conclusion of the House vote just a couple of weeks ago, and [Biden] made clear in that statement that he felt the process should proceed as history and many laws predetermine,” Psaki said. “And he is going to wait for the Senate to determine the outcome of this.”

Psaki added, “his view is that his role is should be currently focused on addressing the needs of the American people, putting people back to work, addressing the pandemic.”

Welker pressed on, asking the press secretary if the president sees the trial as constitutional.

“I don’t think that’s for me or us too opine on,” Psaki said, punting the question on Biden’s response. “Obviously, he said that the process should proceed, and it’s doing exactly that.”

The NBC reporter didn’t stop pushing Psaki in asking multiple iteration of her question. Her final inquiry was regarding the White House view on fellow Democrats “incendiary rhetoric” that Trump’s legal team will argued is different than what the former president has stated in “fight for our country.”

“Joe Biden is the president, he’s not a pundit,” Psaki frustratedly responded back to Welker’s question. “He’s not going to opine on the back-and-forth arguments, nor is he watching them, that are taking place in the Senate.”

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Psaki on Trump’s Impeachment Trial: Biden Is ‘President, Not A Pundit’

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