Poll: Trump, Biden Tied In Battleground Florida

When the latest NBC News-Marist survey is expanded to include all registered voters, Trump leads 48 to 47 percent.

President Trump and Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden are tied in a new NBC News/Marist poll amongst voters in the battleground state of Florida with less than four weeks until mail voting begins and just eight weeks to go before Election Day. 

According to the latest NBC News/Marist survey conducted August 31 through September 6, among likely Floridian voters, both Trump and Biden are tied with 48 percent of likely voters.

However, expanding the poll data to include a wider universe of all registered likely voters, Trump leads by one point with 48 percent to Biden 47 percent.

Regarding a favorable impression, 47 percent of likely voters prefer Trump, versus 46 percent for Biden.

When it comes to Latino voters in Florida, Trump leads 50 percent to 46 percent support for Biden. According to the breakdown of Latino groups, Trump is leading sizable among Cuban descent Latino, while Biden is slightly ahead among other Latinos descent in the state. 

However, when it comes to support from seniors, Biden leads with 49 percent compared to 48 percent for Trump.

Biden biggest advantages come from Black, women, and independents groups. Amongst Black likely voters, Biden has a double-digit lead with 83 percent to 11 percent for Trump, 57 percent for Biden to 40 percent for Trump amongst women voters and independents voters with 51 percent for Biden to 40 percent for Trump.

Trump, on the other hand leads by double-digits among men with 58 percent to Biden 38 percent, white voters with 56 percent support for Trump to 41 percent for Biden, and whites without college degrees with 63 percent for Trump to 35 percent for Biden.

Regarding which candidate is better to handle the economy, 53 percent of likely voters say Trump while 40 percent picked Biden. Amongst Floridian registered voters, 54 percent say Trump is best suited to handle the economy with 39% pick Biden.

On crime, 48 percent of voters say Trump is the better leader to deal with crime, compared to 45 percent for Biden.

The NBC News poll also breaks down the president approval job performance, with 47 percent of likely Floridian voters approve to 48 percent disapprove. According to the wider poll amongst registered voters, 46 percent approve to 48 percent disapprove.

It also found that voters surveyed were likely to stick with their choices, with 82 percent of likely voters saying they would strongly support whoever their current candidate is now. Only 2 percent said they might vote differently come Election Day.

According to Marist voters samples, 19 percent of likely voters surveyed comes from the North/Panhandle region of the state; another 19 percent are from Orlando and the central coast; 16 percent are from the Tampa area; 19 percent are from the central part of the state, and 27 percent are from the Miami and Florida Keys areas.

In 2016, Trump carried the Sunshine state 29 electoral votes by more than 1 point. 

According to Real Clear Politics average of Florida polls adding the latest NBC News poll, Biden leads Trump by 1.4 points. Just last week, RealClearPolitics national polling average had Biden with a 3.3 point lead, based on three August polls with the last poll conducted entirely after both parties’ national conventions.

The NBC News-Marist Poll of 766 likely voters in Florida was conducted between Aug. 31 and Sept. 6 and has a 4.5 percentage point margin of error. 35 percent of likely voters surveyed in this poll identified themselves as Republicans, 32 percent are Democrats and 31 percent are independents.

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Poll: Trump, Biden Tied In Battleground Florida

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