The Perfect Ruched Dress

I’m usually not a dress person because of two reasons. One, it’s hard for me finding a fitted dress (besides a body-con dress) that hugs my body in all the skinny curvy areas to wear for a regular work or day wear. I mostly love wearing skirts and pairing it with a nice top to give me that dress look. And two, to be honest, the only time I really would buy dresses are for special occasions such as my Birthday, last year for my grad school graduation, and recently for the hunk’s promotion ceremony.

However, this dress, when it legit popped up as a random ad while reading some breaking political news on a major online publication caught my eyes. I swear to you I stopped reading the article and explored the dress and decided to go online shopping. Story of my life! 🙈

This long sleeve soft knit dress, from Nordstrom, made me rethink my whole notion of why I stay away from buying a dress for a non-occasion event. An everyday wear, it comes in five different colors (I bought two different colors) and has a wrap detail at the hem, making it totally flattering. It hugs the whole body, giving it a fitted sheath to my waist and arm area, even with the ruching detail on the side of the dress. What definitely caught my eye on this dress was the wrap detail at the hem. When I wore this dress, I noticed it made my legs look super long despite being 5’4.

This perfect tight dress can definitely be worn all day, from work to night wear, and can be worn in either warm or cold weather. The length of the dress and the layers makes it appropriate to wear during the cold fall days.

With NYC weather being all bi-polar, one day warm, the next day cold, I decided to pair this dress up with a taupe Over The Knee boots from Steve Madden instead of my usual booties, making it edgy but stylish look. I definitely added a leather jacket to the edgy mix as I was heading out to a work thing as a way to stand out from the normal wearing blazer with a simple pump look that I usually see women in politics wearing.

Like Anna Wintour once said, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself, but yet identifiable for others.” And that is exactly what I will be doing at work, attending political events or anywhere else I go and I promise I will be taking pictures of my outfits and linking where to get them to share with all my babes.


Dress: Nordstrom  | Shoes: Steve Madden | Handbag: Celine | Sunglasses: Gucci | Jacket: Michael Kors

Let me know what your favorite long sleeve dress are. Feel free to comment below!

You can shop my entire outfit on the widget below 🙂

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    November 16, 2017

    So damn chic!! So classic!

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The Perfect Ruched Dress

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