Pelosi, Female Democrats Wear Black To Mark a ‘Somber’ Impeachment Vote

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), along with a group of female Democratic lawmakers are letting their outfits do the talking to mark the House’s vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump.

Arriving Wednesday morning to the House proceeding in the Capitol, Pelosi was seen wearing a black collared dress that was accessorized with a gold choker necklace and a gold  mace brooch. The ceremonial brooch represents her authority, known as the Mace of the Republic or Mace of the United States House of Representatives.

The Mace pin, made by Ann Hand, a designer in Washington, D.C. is brass with a gold overlay and has a faux pearl in the center that represent the globe. It retails for $125, and it is now on backorder.

This is not the first time Pelosi has worn this pin. She has worn it on a number of important public occasions since first winning re-election as speaker of the House. The last time Pelosi wore the pin was in October when she and Representative Adam Schiff held a news conference to announce that they had decided to move forward with articles of impeachment.

According to Pelosi colleague, several female Democrats intentionally wore black to “signal it is a somber day.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), was seen wearing a black coat paired under a burgundy pussy bow silk blouse. Asked by a reporter at the Capitol if she and Pelosi wore dark colors by design, Ocasio-Cortez said, “Well I think one of the things that our caucus has consistently said is that today is a solemn day for our country.”

“(We) laid out over several months what the president has done to essentially extort foreign governments to betray our nation and enrich himself,” she said. “So today isn’t a day of celebration, but I think it is a day of resolve and a day that we’re upholding our oath and our constitutional duty.”

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal(D-WA) joined the Democrat coordination by wearing a black top underneath a dark purple striped jacket.

Reps. Donna Shalala from Florida, Robin Kelly from Illinois and Suzanne Bonamici from Oregon were all also seen wearing either a black dress or pants suit. 

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Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) who wore a dark grey and black wool coat, told Fox News that some members wore black to mark the tone of impeachment.

“It was informal,” Dingell told reporters after leaving the House floor of the black ensemble coordination. “It’s a somber day.”

“Normally we wear red [on Wednesdays] and we said, ‘We can’t do that today.’ So, many of the women are in darker colors because it is a somber day,” Dingell added.

This isn’t the first time Democrats coordinated their outfits. During the State of the Union address in February, dozens of members wore white to support women’s suffrage and protest the administration’s alleged attempts to roll back progress for women.

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The Democratic-controlled House is prepared to vote on two articles of impeachment in the evening, charging the president with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Nearly every House Democrat is expected to vote in favor of the articles, which would make Trump just the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. 

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12.21.19 6:15 PM

What a hag, she needs to return to SF and do something useful for a change – like help clean up the used syringes and human waste that make this once great city uninhabitable for residents, tourists won’t go there anymore! Such a hypocrite, her Catholic religion taught her never to hate but it’s OK be in favor of killing unborn babies and also babies that have arrived in this world already, will somebody please explain to me the appeal of this women, maybe the Dems can pass a law barring anyone her age from serving in the government and… Read more »

12.20.19 5:09 PM

I’m absolutely appalled about Pelosi saying she wore black because it was a somber day. She said on National TV, just last week,, that she had been working on impeaching Trump for 2 1//2 years & that would even be prior to his taking office. Wonder why she hasn’t worn black every single day! These fools are so, so, so dumb that even a 1 month old baby could see right through their charade. Hypocrisy reigns HIGH for the dumb Dem’s. How could they say they were somber, when they’ve broken every single Constitutional rule regarding impeachment. They should have… Read more »

Gail Jones
Gail Jones
12.20.19 12:47 AM

NO! This is a huge over reach by the majority and I am appalled that they have proceeded with this farce. I am disgusted! All that voted for impeachment or “present” should be removed from office for their abuse of power. Guess what…I didn’t vote for Trump. But I will in 2020.

Ancient Flyer
Ancient Flyer
12.20.19 12:45 AM

This herd of stampeding phony Democrats are a disgrace. If President Trump had to be impeached, then this whole bunch of loser hypocrites should all be impeached and put on trial for treason, for misrepresenting the meaning of the Constitution; especially all the phony black-clad morons who are destroying the Constitution and dividing America, while lining their pockets with millions of our TAX dollars, while doing absolutely nothing! These imbeciles should all be forced to go back to school for a couple of semesters on “What the Constitution Means” We don’t need to be afraid of Putin or the Ukrainians.… Read more »

12.19.19 9:30 PM

It is a somber day for our nation to have such evil people running our government projecting all their evil onto us. Nancy and friends have been doing this for years and it is like someone that steals, they start out a little and get by with it and now that go for the throat! So sad our nation has become so terrorize by these evil people projecting on to Trump who sees their evilness and trying to help our nation return to the Nation we were found on. It is not killing babies, senior citizens who may fall ill,… Read more »

12.19.19 9:09 PM

Who wrote Palsy Pelosi’s speech about the Pledge of Allegiance? It sure could not have been her as she has no heart. And, didn’t this bunch of Dejects all say Mr. Trump did the Quid Pro Quo thing? Well, PP isn’t going to play fair unless Mr. McConnell lets her put in her own folks to be witnesses, and making other demands. Isn’t that Quid Pro Quo?? What a bag!! The whole darn works are nuts with pure unadulterated hatred because Mr. Trump got elected and the Hildabeast didn’t.

12.19.19 9:03 PM

I’m glad you showed them ALL in white, it reminded me of their Roots, the KKK. It was very appropriate!

Wasanda Mitchell
12.19.19 8:42 PM

The fact that these women are wearing BKACK proves that they are the daughters of their father, the devil.

Jean Jones
12.19.19 8:13 PM

I know what I’d like to do with that pin but can’t write it here…

Glenn A Lewis
Glenn A Lewis
12.19.19 8:11 PM

They wore black to signify a funeral as they wish for Trumps presidency to now be dead.

12.19.19 8:05 PM

The real intent was to mark the death of the democrap party.

Very appropriate for that reason.

Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper
12.19.19 8:00 PM

I guess they’re preparing for their own funeral in November 2020!

John Busseno
John Busseno
12.19.19 7:40 PM

Maybe all of the Democrats should wear black once again. FOR THEIR OWN FUNERAL ONCE WE THROW THEM ALL OUT OF CONGRESS AND THE SENATE! It’s time to begin the crucifix of the Democrats! THEY ARE DEAD!

Sheri Densmore
Sheri Densmore
12.19.19 7:39 PM

Well seeing how they commit political suicide, it’s about right.

12.19.19 7:34 PM

Please stop this evil woman
Her dress is disgusting and so are the females that went along with this shrade.

Timothy Colbath
Timothy Colbath
12.19.19 7:32 PM

The democrat party has turn into a Cult. A cult that hates everyday American citizens. A cult that is shredding the Constitution before our very eyes and we sit back and allow it to happen. That marks a sad day in our history as a great country.

Majority of Democrats to Vote in Support of Impeaching Trump
Pelosi, Female Democrats Wear Black To Mark a ‘Somber’ Impeachment Vote

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