NYFW SS20 Outfit Diary

Another September, another New York Fashion Week under my belt.

Fashion week is one of those weeks that I love and hate at the same time. It’s a week of jammed packed shows and events and since it is scattered all around New York City, it can be very time consuming and exhausting. This week overall disrupts my sleep schedule, my appetite and my workflow as this was the busiest season for me. However, I must admit the fast-paced environment of it all makes me enjoy every minute.

This is my fifth season attending NYFW, and this season I got to attend some incredible shows by famous designers that I have never attended before, along with attending several of my favorite designers that I grew to adore from previous seasons. Every season, I have grown in terms of being selective on which shows I want to attend to cover, planning all my outfits to wear during this week, finding time to shoot my outfits as well as campaigns and scheduling network meetings.

I’m recapping all of my NYFW outfits in this post, so you can easily shop each one! I kept all my outfits very practical, but added a little street style flare. Most of my outfits are affordable with the mix of luxury pieces in bags and shoes, because this is where I splurge most of my money on.

So without further ado, here is my NYFW Outfit Diary of every outfit I rocked during the chaotic week.

Day 1 — Lady in Tulle

I found this tulle skirt randomly at Etsy a few months ago and when I received it, it wasn’t as it was pictured to be. Nonetheless, I made the best of it and styled it out of the norm by pairing the tulle with a regular pair of jeans and top.

Day 2 — Fashion Police

Day 3 — Leopard on the Loose

I decided at the last minute to skip out Day 4, which was on a Sunday to relax and unwind. The first three days I attended 4-5 shows, with the first show all starting at 9am, while attending 2-3 events and parties in the evening. Besides attending shows and events, I had to shoot and edit sponsorship campaigns all while having schedule meetings with PR companies and brands in between the shows. It sounds overwhelming, and it is, but I wouldn’t trade this week of chaos for anything.

Day 5 (Day) Outfit — Neutrals for the Win

Day 5 (Evening) Outfit

This specific outfit was planned to be worn for Day 4, but due to me canceling my whole day to unwind, I decided to bring this dress with me to change and wear in the evening.

Day 6 — Chic Work Chick

Day 7 — Cheetah & Leather

Cropped Cheetah Top + Cargo Leather Pants from Motel

Hope you guys enjoyed my NYFW SS20 recap and til next season — February!

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NYFW SS20 Outfit Diary

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