MonaLog — Coronavirus Task Force Briefing April 6, 2020

President Trump and members of his Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing on the coronavirus at the White House Monday evening.

  • Trump kicked off the press briefing sending his best wishes to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was admitted to an intensive care unit Monday for coronavirus.
  • Trump said he held a teleconference earlier with pharmaceutical companies about therapies for coronavirus patients.
  • Trump announces “the 3M saga ends very happily” as the White House and 3M has reached a “very amicable agreement” that will bring more than 55 million masks and additional N95 respirator masks to the U.S each month.
  • Trump says he’s “going to get involved” in case of ex-Navy commander who sounded alarm.
  • On the Paycheck Protection Program — a small businesses lending program, Trump said it has “really beenperforming well” and there were a few “minor glitches” that has already been taken care of.
  • Trump talked about health care workers, calling them “warriors”, saying it reminded him of war movies of them “running through doors” into places that are “not exactly too safe.”
  • Trump briefly mentioned there are 10 different therapeutics that are in clinical trials, and a second vaccine has been approved for trials.
  • Dr. Fauci said the world may never get back to what it considered “normal” before the coronavirus outbreak and don’t think society would get “back to normal” until a vaccine is ready and available to completely protect the population.
  • Dr. Birx said the coronavirus is a highly transmittable virus and asked Americans for the sake of all our healthcare workers to follow the strict guidelines, despite it being “tough” to follow and to consolidate by only sending one family member not go as a family grocery shopping “once every two weeks.”

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MonaLog — Coronavirus Task Force Briefing April 6, 2020

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