Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit To The Mary Elizabeth House

First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to The Mary Elizabeth House in Washington D.C.on Thursday where she spent time with mothers and their children and delivered boxed lunches and Be Best tote bags.

“It is important that, even in these challenging times, we find ways to help and connect with people and acknowledge the important work that is being done in countless communities across the United States,” Melania said about the visit, according to a readout. “Ministries like The Mary Elizabeth House are providing the support and valuable life skills that help to serve and lift up families and their communities to keep our children safe.”

During the visit, Melania spoke with staff members and young mothers about the importance of strengthening families and protecting children and her support for community-based prevention efforts. She also discussed an Executive Order her husband, President Trump signed recently on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children and the direct impact it will have on the Mary Elizabeth House to “promote child and family well-being, ensuring child safety, and achieving permanency of a forever family for children.”

The executive order directs the Health and Human Services (HHS) to focus on three areas of reform — improving outcomes, protecting vulnerable youth lives as well as their well-being, and uplifting children and families to thrive. It includes improving outcomes by creating a close partnerships between State agencies and public, private, faith-based, and community organizations” with the goal to develop a community-based, abuse-prevention and family support services. It also will drive transparency on key statutory child welfare requirements and guide States on how best to support high-quality legal representation for parents and children.

Melania also spent time engaging with children at the community playground and handing out boxed lunches and Be Best items. The packaged boxed lunches were prepared by White House chefs.

Prior to the visit, the First Lady donated the previous week vegetables and produce from the White House Kitchen Garden to the staff and residents of The Mary Elizabeth House. 

The First Lady shared a video her visit to The Mary Elizabeth House, noting the women center is a “place that helps strengthen families and provides life skills, counseling & educational resources to help vulnerable single women & their children.”

The Mary Elizabeth House is an organization established in March 2009 as a ministry community home devoted to providing “supporting the positive development of young, single mothers and their children through life-skills training, education and workforce guidance, counseling and housing.”

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07.14.20 4:44 PM

[…] lady shared a video, where she is seen donning a mask during her unannounced visit last Thursday to The Mary Elizabeth House. During her time at the women’s and children shelter in Washington D.C., Melania spent time […]

07.14.20 9:51 AM

First lady melania is beauty and grace plus smart.

07.14.20 9:48 AM

Melanoma Trump beautiful and grace and smart.

Deborah Schaer
07.13.20 10:38 PM

Beautiful, as always.

Kathryn K Worz
07.13.20 9:34 PM

She is total class!

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Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit To The Mary Elizabeth House

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