Melania Trump: ‘I believe that we need my husband’s leadership now more than ever’

First lady Melania Trump gave the keynote speech for Day Two of the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, covering various headline topics, to her personal immigration story as well as experience as First Lady while making the best case to re-elect her husband, President Trump.

In one of her longest address given as First Lady, Melania opened her remarks expressing sympathy to Americans who have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus as well as extending her gratitude to all the front line and essential workers “who stepped up in these difficult times” battling against the coronavirus outbreak and for putting “out country first.”

“I want to acknowledge the fact that since March, our lives have changed drastically,” Melania said. “The invisible enemy, COVID-19, swept across our beautiful country and impacted all of us. My deepest sympathy goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one and my prayers are with those who are ill or suffering. I know many people are anxious and some feel helpless. I want you to know you are not alone.”

Melania added that her “husband’s Administration will not stop fighting until there is an effective treatment or vaccine available to everyone. Donald will not rest until he has done all he can to take care of everyone impacted by this terrible pandemic.”

“I want to extend my gratitude to all of the healthcare professionals, front-line workers, and teachers who stepped up in these difficult times,” Melania continued. “Despite the risk to yourselves and your own families, you put our country first. And my husband and I are grateful. I have been moved by the way Americans have come together in such an unfamiliar and often frightening situation. It is in times like this that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that through kindness and compassion, strength, and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future.”

The First Lady touched on her personal story of achieving her goal of becoming an American citizen to follow her “dream working in the fashion industry.”

“Growing up as a young child in Slovenia, which was under communist rule at the time, I always heard about an amazing place called America. A land that stood for freedom and opportunity. As I grew older it became my goal to move to the united states and follow my dream of working in the fashion industry,” Melania said.

Melania, speaking from the newly renovated White House Rose Garden avoided attacking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris like her predecessors, former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton levered in their dark Anti-Trump remarks last week at the Democratic National Convention. Instead, Melania took the high road and reflected on her experience as First Lady and, ‘Be Best,’ her three-pillar initiative aimed at issues facing children that includes well-being, social media, and opioid abuse.

“I don’t want to use this precious time attacking the other side, because as we saw last week, that kind of talk only serves to divide the country further,” Melania declared. “The past three and a half years have been unforgettable. There are no words to describe how honored, humbled, and fortunate I am to serve our nation as your First Lady.”

“Be Best has one simple goal, teaching youth about the importance of their wellbeing, both mentally and physically,” Melania added. “This also includes understanding online safety and the dangers of opioid and drug abuse. Through Be Best, my office and I have been able to highlight people, programs, and organizations that are doing extraordinary things in our country and around the world.”

She took a moment to send a heartfelt “special message” to all American mothers  about the challenges children face when navigating social media and the “downside of technology.”

“This modern world is moving so fast and our children face challenges that seem to change every few months,” Melania said. “Just like me, I know many of you watch how mean and manipulative social media can be. And just like me, I’m sure many of you are looking for answers, how to talk to your children about the downside of technology and their relationships with their peers. Like every parent in this country, I feel there are so many lessons to teach our son, and the responsibilities as his mother, but they’re just not enough hours in the day to do it all. To mothers and parents everywhere, you’re warriors.”

She vowed the president “will not stop fighting for you and your families,” despite the negative and “unprecedented attacks from the media and opposition.”

The First Lady went on to staunchly defended her husband’s unpolitical conventional style, describing the president as “an authentic person,” while making the case for why she believes he is the President the country needs for four more years.

“We all know Donald Trump makes no secrets about how he feels about things,” Melania acknowledged. “Totally honesty is what our citizens deserve from our president. Whether you like it or not,  you always know what he’s thinking and that is because he’s an authentic person who loves this country and its people, and wants to continue to make it better.”

“In my husband, you have a president who will not stop fighting for you and your families. I see how hard he works each day and night and despite the unprecedented attacks from the media and opposition, he will not give up. In fact, if you tell him that it cannot be done, he just works harder,” the first lady continued. “He is what is best for our country.”

She also added that they would be “honored to serve this incredible country for four more years,” noting  a vote to reelect Trump is not a “partisan vote” but a “common sense vote.”

“I believe that we need my husband’s leadership now more than ever in order to bring us back once again to the greatest economy and the strongest country ever known,” Melania said in closing.

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