Melania Trump Celebrates ‘Be Best’ 2nd Anniversary Initiative

"Over the past two years, #BeBest has played a major role in spreading awareness, highlighting successful programs & acts of kindness, & encouraging public-private sector relationships to help children overcome the struggles they face every day," First Lady Melania Trump said.

First Lady Melania Trump celebrated the second anniversary of her Be Best initiative that is dedicated to three major issues impacting the lives of children.

“Today marks the second year since the launch of my Be Best Initiative. I’m proud of the work we have done to bring awareness to the many issues children face including online safety, opioid, and drug abuse, and the importance of their overall well-being,” the first lady said in a statement released by the White House. “It is always inspiring to see the life-changing work happening every day within our communities and around the world. I will continue to promote positive solutions and advocate for the tools our children need to grow up with a stronger social and emotional foundation.”

She added, “now more than ever, we must continue to work together and champion these causes in order to strengthen and protect our children and provide them with a safe and more secure future.”

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There are three pillars of Be Best — Well-Being, Online Safety, and Opioid Abuse. Since its launch, Be Best has played a vital role in encouraging children to be their best while highlighting the importance of physical, social, and emotional well being. In the past two years, Melania has traveled across the country and overseas highlighting people and programs dedicated to helping children learn, work through, and overcome these issues.

Some of the Be Best accomplishments include visits to over 20 classrooms and meeting with nearly 4,000 students from all over the world, and touring nearly 20 hospitals in the United States and internationally to thank the medical staff for their devotion to children patients. 

“Over the past two years, I have heard from countless medical staff, educators, leaders in technology, and many more doors to these issues and how to provide innovative solutions and life-saving resources,” Melania said in a three-minute video message posted on her Twitter account. “When it comes to the well being of children. It is our job as adults to raise emotionally healthy children by passing along these strengths and values while building their confidence in order to give them the best opportunity to succeed in the day.”

“As I said in my campaign launched two years ago. I’m here with one goal, and that is to help children grow up to be their best self to be happy, healthy, and contribute positively to their community, society and the world,” the First Lady continued. “I want to thank everyone who has supported the mission of the best over the past few years. It is the compassion and care of each of our next generation.”

In addition to traveling around the world, Melania has invited thousands of children to the White House to participate in Be Best activities and attended numerous summits, roundtables, and conferences to highlight the mission and values of her initiative.

Earlier this year, Melania was honored by Palm Beach Atlantic University as their 2020 Women of Distinction for her work through Be Best initiative.

Via FLOTUS Twitter

First Lady’s Chief of Staff and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham highlighted how Melania has found opportunities to apply the values of Be Best in new ways. 

“Today marks the two year anniversary of the First Lady’s initiative, Be Best. Since its launch, she has used BE BEST to connect with families, children, and key leaders and stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to hear their stories, learn about the issues they face, and shine a spotlight on important and innovative solutions that are helping children become their very best selves,” Grisham said in the statement. “Mrs. Trump will continue to address the importance of online safety, promote the well-being of children, and continue to find more ways to help families affected by opioid abuse and addiction. In a time when our nation is faced with a global pandemic, Mrs. Trump continues to use Be Best in ways large and small to demonstrate the power of kindness and healthy living happening throughout our nation and around the world.”

Via FLOTUS Twitter

Last year, at the Be Best one-year anniversary ceremony at the Rose Garden, Melania announced that she was expanding two of the three pillars of her platform. The first expansion will be to the opioid abuse vertical, which she announced would now focus on helping children of all ages. The second was expanding the social media platform, which for the past year has focused on combating cyberbullying and practicing kindness online, to include the larger umbrella of online safety.

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