Melania Trump Cancels First Campaign Fundraiser in California

First lady Melania Trump has cancelled a fundraiser scheduled for next week in California.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told Politico in a text message that the first lady would not be holding a previously scheduled March 18 fundraiser in Beverly Hills. She cited an unspecified “scheduling conflict” as the reason for the cancellation. 

The cancellation comes amid mounting concerns about the rise of coronavirus outbreak globally. The state of California, declared a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus outbreak last week. California has more than 50 confirmed reported coronavirus cases and two deaths linked to the virus. 

The Beverly Hills fundraiser would have been Melania’s first solo hosted fundraising event for her husband President Trump’s reelection campaign.

A “Women for Trump” three-day bus tour that was supposed to begin Monday was also canceled citing scheduling conflicts. The campaign pushed back against reports that the move was made over concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

Melania is also scheduled to hold a fundraiser on March 25 at their Mar-a-Lago resort. It is uncleared at the moment if this fundraiser will still occur or if the First Lady will attend.

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  • Tony Barreda
    March 11, 2020

    Why? Trump says the risk is very slow and he implied that some infected with the the could go to work. Six congressmen self quarantine. The states of Washington and California have quarantined large segments of their states, but the risk is low. The biggest danger is we have is two neophytes trying to lead the fight against an emerging pandemic because we started to late and our country is ill-prepared because we started to late. Thank God for the scientists

Being a reporter seems a ticket out to the world.

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Melania Trump Cancels First Campaign Fundraiser in California

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