Melania Trump Calls Boris Johnson’s Fiancée: ‘The U.S. Is Praying For You’

First Lady Melania Trump spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fiancée, Carrie Symonds on Thursday to let her know that the United States is “praying for their speedy and full recoveries,” as Johnson is currently recovering from the coronavirus at the Chequers country estate.

“Mrs. Trump expressed well wishes for Ms. Symonds and Prime Minister Johnson, and noted that the United States was praying for their speedy and full recoveries,” according to a readout of the call from the White House.

During the call, both ladies “reaffirmed” the two countries stands together in the “fight to defeat the coronavirus pandemic” and will get through these difficult times.

“Mrs. Trump reaffirmed that the United States stands together with the United Kingdom in the fight to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.  Mrs. Trump and Ms. Symonds expressed optimism that the United States and the United Kingdom would get through this difficult period and emerge stronger than before,” the White House readout said.

Earlier this month, Symonds, who is pregnant revealed that she experienced the “main symptoms” of Coronavirus, but did not get tested and is now “on the mend” after going into self-isolation.  

“I’ve spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus. I haven’t needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and I’m on the mend,” Symonds tweeted. 

In a second tweet, Symonds posted a link from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) of guidance for pregnant women to follow, saying she found them to be very “reassuring.”

Johnson was diagnosed with the coronavirus last month and was hospitalized with persistent coronavirus symptoms 10 days after testing positive for the virus. He was moved to the intensive care unit the next day after his condition worsened, but didn’t require to be put on a ventilator since he was in stable condition. Johnson was discharged from the ICU three days later and was released from the hospital on Easter Sunday.

In a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing the night Johnson was admitted to the ICU, President Trump send his wishes to his “very good friend of mine” and the nation.

“I want to send best wishes to a very good friend of mine, and a friend to our nation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he wages his own personal fight with the virus.. We are very saddened to hear that he was taken into intensive care this afternoon,” Trump said. “Americans are all praying for his recovery – he’s been a really good friend and something very special: strong, resolute, doesn’t quit, doesn’t give up.”

Shortly after the call, Melania tweeted that she spoke with Symonds and they discussed how both the United States and the United Kingdom “will get through this difficult period & emerge stronger than before.”

“Talked today w/ @carriesymonds. Our prayers are w/ her & UK PM @BorisJohnson for a speedy & full recovery,” Melania said. “The United States & the United Kingdom will get through this difficult period & emerge stronger than before. We stand w/ the UK in the fight against #COVID19.”

Melania has spoken with seven foreign leaders’ partners to date during the coronavirus pandemic, including Spanish Queen Letizia, Akie Abe of Japan, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau of Canada, Brigitte Macron of France, Laura Mattarella of Italy and Elke Büdenbender of Germany.

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  • Howard
    April 22, 2020

    Melania is a great woman with a great heart and a huge asset to the American people. A First Lady that does love America and all Americans.

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Melania Trump Calls Boris Johnson’s Fiancée: ‘The U.S. Is Praying For You’

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