McKinney, Out of Control Teens, and the Daily Dangers Police Face

McKinney-thank-you-signA video has gone viral over the weekend in which so-called justice ‘race baiters’ took to the streets protesting, which led to the police officer resigning on Tuesday. McKinney, Texas has now become the new hot spot to protest as professional protesters took to the street, crying foul yet again without solid facts and witness statement to justify their claim.

The video shows an officer responding to a call of disturbance from neighbors where teenagers gathered for a party to celebrate the end of the school year.

The events began like this: a young teenage named Tatyana Rhodes organized a cookout party in a park. She promoted the party on twitter adding she would be selling tickets of an upcoming pool party scheduled for June 19th. The estimated 130 teenagers showed up confusing the two parties thinking they would be partying at a pool. Chaos occurred where they tried to crash the gated pool party, but was denied entrance. The majority of teenagers began to jump over the fence and started assaulting people and property as well as yelling racial slanders at the neighborhood private pool. Cops were called to control the mob scene.

It was reported from a local resident of the crowd being very “aggressive and yelling at officers.” Another resident posted on Facebook about the events that occurred. Of course it’s not on video unless it’s a cop talking to a black person, then the cameras are rolling as they prepare for the close-up. The local residents took to Facebook to give their version, which the liberal media refuses to report. One person posted that underage kids were “drinking and smoking weed and they didn’t give a F*$K about the parents and children around.” Many added it was not about race, which is exactly what the media is reporting as their version always involves a fellow officer dealing with the incident occurring. Unfortunately there are no videos of the time prior to when the police arrived, with teenagers jumping the fence to attend the private pool and then harassing the locals, damaging their property, etc.

One officer came to the scene and called for backup, as the crowd was too large to control to restore any order. Nine additional officers arrived, which led to a video going viral with the liberal hysteria reporting the officer was racist and out of control. The seven-minute video shows a confrontation of a teenage girl running her mouth to a police officer while resisting arrest.

The officer, Eric Casebolt, is giving a lawful order to a group of girls to leave over 4 times, but one girl, Dajerria Becton, decides to act all tough and mighty and began to smart off to the officer. At that point, the officer had enough of the girl refusing to comply with the police commands given and grabbed her to arrest her. The girl began to resist by pulling away as her little friends ran up to the officer. Automatically that is considered a threat to an officer along with the girl resisting the arrest is also a threat to the officer. The officer by law has every right to detain the girl since the girl was struggling to pull away. Yes, they are kids, but let’s be honest, some teenagers can pose threats and some do commit crimes.

As the girl is still struggling against the officer, two boys began to approach him from behind provoking the situation even further as their bodies are in a fighting stance, another potential threat occurring in the officer’s life within a one-minute time span. The video also clearly shows one of the boys reaching towards his waistband. Casebolt grabs his gun fearing the boys would strike as he has every right to shoot due to his life being in danger. Another officer stops Casebolt, in which he began to holster his weapon. The officer never once pointed his gun at anyone surrounding him, only draws his gun, which lead to the two boys running away. The officer who stopped Casebolt then began to chase after the two boys.

Now everyone is screaming foul at the officer for taking action to detain the young girl. Clearly forgetting the three times the officer faced threats from her little “tough” friends, they instead focus on the officer’s reaction in trying to arrest the girl who is resisting. What is the officer supposed to do at that point, calmly talk to her as she is resisting arrest while she is cursing at him? No, he is an officer; you do what he says and respect it. If the officer does something out of line, then one can take action by the justice system against the officer. But if you are ignoring the officer order, they have every right by law to control the situation to restore peace by any means necessary. It’s standard protocol.

Casebolt was then suspended when the video became viral on YouTube. The officer gave the girl multiple chances to leave the area and she didn’t respect the officer’s wishes. When an officer tells one to leave, you leave the area. One shouldn’t start acting all tough and mighty especially a teenage girl nonetheless. Where is the respect here? Didn’t her parents teach her growing up to obey officers since they are the ones that go out daily to protect us? Doubt it, they probably taught her that cops are evil and not to respect them. I wonder if they got their parenting skills from Rev. Sharpton playbook of anti-cop hate where cops are racist and are out there killing black people. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned from this playbook growing up.

Liberal media from TV to print unsurprisingly had strong opinions of the incident commentating on anger and emotion with lies to cover the truth. It’s ridiculous how the liberal media justify the incident and portray the cop as racist. They refuse to report the incident of the mob of teenagers trying to enter a private pool for residents only which many weren’t residents and harassed the residents and destroying property.

Here are a few posts I caught on my Facebook page from a liberal who post their opinion about the incident. Yes, I read them just to know their opinions are and what they feed to a generation to yet again make every police officer look bad. But don’t worry, I have rebuttals to prove their reaction has nothing to do with race and this whole race narrative is played out and invalid.

Steven Thrasher from The Guardian writes, “The video made me cry because it showed me how black children are not allowed to play. How they’re not allowed to just be kids. How their play becomes criminalized and how they’re socialized to become black adults who internalize that their very breathing selves are criminal.”

Wait, play? These teenagers were disruptive and violent–is this the new definition of ‘play’? Fighting with adult residents and destroying their property is ‘play’? Drinking and smoking pot near children who actually were playing nearby is the definition of ‘play’? If this is the definition of play, then I really question Steven’s sanity. Their “play” was criminal not because of their skin color, but because these teenagers, both black and white, acted in a way that led to police being called based on reports of disruptive behavior. Race has nothing to do with police responding to teenagers breaking the law. Had the young girl listened to the officer’s order to walk away, all of what occurred could have been avoided. Instead, she disobeyed the officer lawful order leading her behavior to be portrayed as a criminal.

Jon Levine from the Mic writes about a tweet comparing the “excessive force to immobilize Dajerria Becton, 15-years old in a bikini” with a “police calmly standing by suspects in Waco, Texas of biker gang shooting that killed nine people last month.” In his article Levine is calling this a double standard as recent instances of police brutality is a pattern only towards minorities across the country while police calmly handle white suspects.

Again, this was yet another commentary implying race plays a role in the police officer’s decision to respond. I don’t know how anyone can compare a situation of a gun battle between cops and bikers to an out-of-control teen pool party in McKinney, much less any other previous situations that have occurred such as Baltimore, Ferguson, or New York. What happened in Waco, to refresh any liberals reading this post, is a gun battle between cops and the bikers with both exchanging fire leaving cops in danger just to disarm the bikers. Once the gun battle stopped and became calm, bikers didn’t resist arrest while they sat on the curb under heavily armed officers. Officers had the situation under control; the bikers followed the police order and didn’t resist arrest. If the bikers resisted arrest or threaten any officers, without a doubt the police would have responded to detain the bikers twice as aggressive than incidents where police had to use force due to one resisting and fighting of an officer. In Baltimore, rioters destroyed a town and officers were told to stand down by the mayor. The showing of paramilitary policing in Baltimore compare to Waco with Officer in regular uniform to justify racial treatment doesn’t prove Levine points of cops favor white suspects over black suspects. Let’s be real, in Baltimore, rioters were throwing rocks and glass at cops while destroying buildings. At the end of the day, it’s not the cop’s fault for using force on blacks, its blacks causing police to respond to use force. Had Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray not resisted arrest, these incidents wouldn’t have occurred.

Kirsten West Savali from The Root writes, “The sickening sight of black boys and girls treated like chattel by a Texas cop is a reminded that the lives and pain of black children don’t matter.”

Ok, its “sick” how they were “treated”, but it’s not sick of how they treated the officer or even the McKinney residents. These kids were hostile and out of control. Trespassing a private pool that is only available for residents becoming violent to the members while some were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. That is actually the sickening sight. It’s a reminder that parents don’t care that their own children’s lives don’t matter as they continue to do unlawful things on that weekend and many more weekends to come.

Now the McKinney community is facing multiple threats as career agitators take to the streets protesting yet again police brutality. Shocking how this time around they aren’t screaming ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.’ Instead they are chanting ‘Lets go Swimming.’ This is in reference to blacks stating their skin color is the reason they were denied entry to the private residential pool. But it’s not because of their skin color they are being denied. Its really because they don’t live in area and didn’t pay membership to join the community private pool. Again race is not the issue of why the private pool security guard denied black mob teenager’s entrance.

New Black Panther Malik Shabazz wasted no time to gather in the protest spotlight citing he “don’t blame those kids!” Signs were held mocking Tea Party movement symbol of “Don’t tread on me” changing it to “Don’t tread on our kids”.

This is how race baiters justify the protest: the girl was black so forget what she did–the cop was white so its racism, end of story. It’s sad how one doesn’t take the time to find out the full truth, but instead takes an isolated incident to conclude the girl did nothing wrong and she is “an innocent poor little girl.” You can see in the video she clearly isn’t innocent when she disobeyed the cop order to leave the area. They will protest bias against the police as professional protestors look to establish a 503(c) to make this a career just like Rev. Sharpton. I only wonder if Deray McKesson is next in line for the throne in becoming the next Rev. Sharpton. Time will tell.

The liberal media will never go crazy about how young kids nowadays are behaving with disobeying older adults and or the cop’s orders for that matter. It just shows that this latest example of behavior from the young girl portraying her as innocent just validates how she acted with the officer is ok to do and will be ok for others to do in future officer-civilian encounters.

It’s easy for these liberal commentators watch the video while “crying” to say the officer shouldn’t have done this and that. But can one of them step up to the plate and put on the uniform to do the job everyone lately loves to criticize. Why should cops have to deal with this daily to do this dangerous job where so many thankless individuals out there can go on social media to bash them? They don’t respect the sacrifice they make to keep us safe; the time they spend away from their family so one can go protest and or riot. If one doesn’t like the interaction with a police officer, here is a hint; maybe one should obey the law. Just saying.

All liberals care about is twisting the whole situation by showing the teenagers were innocent trying to have fun while disrespecting every single officer across this nation calling them racist. The anti-cop rhetoric going on for the past year has led to teenagers mirroring behavior they hear from liberals and activists on air thrashing police agencies continuously. It’s clear the disrespect for police officers is not going to stop and this attitude is going to lead to violence and making it harder for officers to do their job diligently.

Going forward, we will definitely see young adults defy the police with police cornered in a situation and in the end the cop will be portrayed negative causing officers to quit their job. Thankfully, no one was killed in this scenario, but this pattern will without a doubt continue on, leading to another tragic event similar to what occurred with NYPD officer Brian Moore.

Now the nation has erupted in another round of anti-cop outrage. Here we go again…

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