Ivanka Trump Host ‘Fireside Chat’ In Campaign Stop At Tampa

White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump visited Tampa’s Ybor City Thursday to campaign for her father, President Trump’s re-election campaign.

“Florida holds a special place in my heart, and I am excited to visit Tampa once again to support my father’s campaign,” Ivanka said in a press release. “The President has fought for Florida priorities, including combatting human trafficking, lowering prescription drug costs, increased access to childcare, cutting taxes for hardworking families, and prioritizing our great military. President Trump will continue to be a champion for the people of Florida in his second term!”

During a fireside chat alongside Pam Bondi at the Columbia Restaurant, Ivanka highlighted Trump’s accomplishments and his record on the economy before the coronavirus pandemic.

“He brought his business sensibility to bear in mobilizing the full government, but also leaning on the private sector to do what they do best,” Ivanka said. “He renegotiated some of our worst trade deals starting with the job-killing NAFTA, which has such a tremendous impact on the economy here in Florida.”

“Once we get rid of this plague, that is there, the foundation is there,” Ivanka said. “We cut taxes, and the president will cut them further.”

She also talked about the president’s unorthodox political style.

“With this president, like it or not, you know where he stands,” Ivanka said. “And there’s something honest and beautiful about that. I would argue he’s the most authentic president we’ve ever had.”

Ivanka also praised Trump’s recent brokered peace deal between Israel and two Arab Gulf nations. Her husband, Jared Kushner played a huge role in negotiating the two deals.

“Peace should be, that’s the greatest goal and that should be our collective desire,” Ivanka said. 

When asked about the president “feeling going into the election” with less than 50 days, Ivanka responded that Trump is “feeling super energized and it’s amazing.” She reminded the 50 supporters who attended the fireside chat that the best way to support her father is to cast a vote for him.

“He is feeling super energized and it’s amazing,” Ivanka said. “I mean, that energy, which you see — he’s ping-ponging across the country, I think he’s going to be in five or six states this week. You need that.” 

“This is a battle for the heart and soul of this country and the direction of this country,” she added. “And we can’t take anything for granted.”

The Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Frances Swanson responded to Ivanka’s visit with a litany of apparent fact check claims of the Senior Adviser’s quotes.

“It’s sad that Ivanka Trump can’t talk about the president’s time in the White House without making stuff up,” Swanson said. “Here in reality, Donald Trump hasn’t come close to achieving any of what Ivanka’s claimed — in fact, drug prices have risen, Trump’s tax scam will end up raising taxes for 3.6 million Floridians, and he’s actively undermined protections for trafficking victims. Donald Trump will lose this election because he failed to deliver on his promises and then spent months gaslighting Floridians instead of getting the job done. A smoke and mirrors visit for an aptly named ‘fireside chat’ with the president’s daughter isn’t going to change the fact that Donald Trump’s inability to lead has strapped this state with the worst health and economic crises on record.”

Before the fireside chat, Ivanka stopped at La Segunda Bakery, a famous Tampa’s bakery where she rolled up her sleeves to help make a loaf of La Segunda’s famous palm-crested Cuban bread. She also chatted with the owners and asked how the pandemic is affecting their business. 

“They’ve been in business for over 100 years and they were gearing up to shut their doors because they couldn’t afford to pay payroll, or the overhead, without the market to supply to,” Ivanka said. “So getting them the relief they needed at record speed was truly a Herculean process.”

According to reporters covering the Ivanka’s campaign stops, the Senior Adviser ordered three loaves of Cuban bread and guava pastries to bring back home to DC   

After the two events, Ivanka headlined a fundraiser event and raised $3 million. The day before at an evening event in Austin, Texas, Ivanka raised $4.5 million, breaking the record a campaign raised in the liberal city of Texas. 

Since August, Ivanka has headline four fundraisers and raised over $14.5 million combined.

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  • william couch
    September 19, 2020

    “ALL” of the trump women are just wonderful..

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