Ivanka Trump Helps Deliver Food Boxes To Virginia Families

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White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump paid a visit to the Farmers to Families program in Virginia on Monday morning, helping pack and deliver boxes of food to underserved families.

Farmers to Families Food Box Program, part of a Trump administration program that was launched amid the coronavirus pandemic. The program, spearheaded by Ivanka provides fresh produce, dairy, and meat products brought from farmers by the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and then distributes the food to different organizations and food banks.

After helping to load up the boxes of food, Ivanka also assisted with the delivery process, joining other volunteers from Christ Chapel in Woodbridge, VA in carrying and taking a few of the 500 packages outside in loading the boxes to parked vehicles to families in need. 

Before her visit to the USDA program, Ivanka took to Instagram to praise the work that it has done throughout the year. She revealed that 125 million boxes of produce, meat, and dairy have been delivered to different organizations and food banks across the country.

According to Carolina Hurley, special assistant to the President, the boxes that Ivanka helped to hand out contained milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheddar, mozzarella, apples, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, chicken meatballs, chicken chili, chicken franks, chicken and pork franks, and eggs. 

“Our Farmers to Families Food Box program continues to feed billions of meals to families in need across the Nation – over 3.2B to date!,” Ivanka shared on Twitter. “Grateful to spend the morning this Holiday Season in VA passing out boxes loaded with fresh & nutritious food sourced from local farms.”

The Farmers to Families Food Box program was created by the USDA in April to buy and retrieve surplus food from struggling farmers amid the pandemic in order to deliver them to local food banks, community organizations, and other nonprofits. In turn, the local food banks would distribute the food boxes to families in need across the country. $3 billion of the $19 billion allocated from the CARES Act was invested in the Farmers to Families program that lead to the purchase and distribution of 34.5 million boxes from mid-May until the end of June.

Ivanka helped led and advocate the program, working with USDA, the Small Business Administration, and the Treasury Department to connect struggling farmers and ranchers with national, regional, and local distributors. In May, Ivanka visited Coastal Sunbelt Produce, a Maryland distributor that received a federal contract to assemble food boxes and to kick off the Farmers to Families program. The federal government bought about $4 million of fresh produce from Coastal Sunbelt Produce that delivered over 35,000 boxes a week to food banks, religious organizations, and nonprofits through the end of June.

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12.24.20 5:23 AM

[…] week, Ivanka paid a visit to the Farmers to Families program in Virginia where she also lend a hand helping to pack and deliver boxes of food to underserved […]

12.16.20 11:29 AM

if that had been the bidens they would have removed their cut for the big guy

Gerald S Ladd
12.16.20 10:58 AM

This will go unnoticed by the MSN, or they will poke fun at her.

ByMonaSalama (@monaadmin)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
12.17.20 10:18 AM

Already has. They are reporting rumors that she will move to Florida and will challenge Rubio in 2022

12.15.20 10:33 PM

So much better than foodstamps. EBT cards that get spent on booze and drugs. This is real food and the way assistance used to be. Kids will be fed.

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Ivanka Trump Helps Deliver Food Boxes To Virginia Families

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