Ilhan Omar Slammed For Praising Melania Trump WH Decorations

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tried to put party politics aside by complimenting First Lady Melania Trump’s beautiful job in decorating the 2020 White House Christmas, but her sentiment received backlash from her keyboard ‘Resistance’ activist followers.

“This is beautifully decorated and can be appreciated if we don’t allow our politics to dilute everything,” Omar said in response to a tweet video from the first lady showcasing the White House decorations.

While some “respected” the Congresswoman for being able to put the politics aside, some couldn’t help themselves to throw a jab at previous White House Christmas decorations Melania oversaw.

“I agree it’s beautiful! She did a great job this year!” One twitter user said.

“I appreciate that you could muster some kind words in the direction of your political challengers. Would’ve been even better if you just finished that first sentence and left the whole political comment out of it. You shouldn’t have to justify kind words,” another user said appreciating the sentiment.”

“She’s overcompensating now but I love that @IlhanMN still chooses to go high when others would go low,” a user wrote.

“The first Christmas decorations she has done that don’t look like an apocalyptic hellscape.  This year she did good. I agree,” a Twitter user noted.

Some user used their Twitter thumbs to sound off fact-less claims that the tax-payer money used to pay for the decorations in the White House should have gone to COVID relief aid.

“@IlhanMN. Yes but the money it cost to do this probably could have supported thousands of families right now who are starving because @senatemajldr is heartloss,” a Twitter user claimed

“I just see money that could have been spent on people that actually need it,” one Twitter user said complaining. 

“Sorry… all I see is wasted money that could go for PPE or food banks,” another user stated.

One tweet threw in a joke not directed towards either Omar or Melania in the comment section, saying his nonpartisan cat would have destroyed the whole Christmas decoration.

Some appeared to make remarks in saying that the White House shouldn’t be decorated just solely on a “Christian theme.”

“We are not a Christian nation. IMHO, the White House should not be decorated to suggest that,” one tweet said. “They didn’t decorate for any other religious holidays, did they?”

“Yes. It’s beautiful. And also religious. America the Christian,” another Tweet read. “What would happen if a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc were President and they spent so much time and money to decorate for their own major holiday? Outrage. That’s what.”

Others said that Omar shouldn’t put politics aside to compliment the first lady.

“You do not, under any circumstances, have to hand it to Melania,” one comment said.

“There’s really no room to appreciate superficial things when people are sabotaging your democracy, especially when the superficial things come from the allies of the people sabotaging your democracy,” one bizarre comment reads. “When the treason is fresh, that is not the time to let up on your opponent.”

While some said that Omar shouldn’t have even mention politics in her appreciation.

“So you just say “that is beautifully done”, and leave it at that.  Just appreciate it. Set the example,” a user said.

“Yeah, you can just say nothing,” another user also noted. “Which is what should have been done here.”

“Complements while bringing politics into it while simultaneously saying we shouldn’t,” another tweet stated. “Sigh.”

Despite the various different remarks regarding the Congresswoman’s praise of the First Lady decorations with many opine personal liberal feeling in their message, most of the harsh tweets weren’t directed towards Omar, but towards Melania.

Meidas Touch, a Democratic PAC, who trolls the Trump Administration while promoting Anti-Trump messages on social media posted a video of a leaked CNN clip of Melania’s private conversation she once had with her former best friend while adding the hashtag #MelaniaHatesChristmas.

The tweet from the troll Democratic PAC become a sensation hit amongst liberal media and Resistance activists, with many quickly sharing the video on Twitter.

“Looks like trash. FLOTUS hates Christmas,” actor Micheal Rapaport tweeted.

CNN, meanwhile noted the tweet from Omar before going on its anti-Trump field day commentary. Like the White House Christmas decoration is an annual tradition for the First Lady that takes months of preparations, the bankrupted cable network bashed the First Lady and the Christmas decorations.

“I’m also just not sure … that Christmas decorations are her thing or her interest,” CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota said while playing the leaked audio of the private phone conversation. “And the reason I base that is the phone call her former best friend, or close friend, Stephanie Wilcox recorded, where they talk about the first lady’s role of decorating for Christmas, and here is a portion of that.”

What neither CNN nor the resistant fails to realize or apparently isn’t hearing the audio correctly despite continuously playing it nonstop since it was released is that Melania doesn’t hate Christmas, she in fact despises being a liberal media mockery target for the things she has done as First Lady.

“We’ve never heard anything like that from the first lady,” CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower said while promoting a lie in claiming that Melania supports children being held at the border without their parents. “This is one of the traditional parts of the job. It’s something they’re expected to enjoy.”

Melania in the tape “goes on to talk about the children that were being held at the border, separated from their parents, and she goes on to defend that policy, in that phone conversation with her former friend, so yeah, I mean, Christmas, if anyone’s heard that tape, they know that this is not something that she particularly enjoys, and it was a very controversial comment, and so I don’t think they’re eager to have her go out there talking about the Christmas decorations this year,” Brower added.

If a progressive Anti-Trump lawmaker can appreciate the First Lady effortless work in decorating the People’s House for Christmas, a holiday she doesn’t celebrate as she is a devoted Muslim, but a bunch of unhinged “reporters” who most likely personally celebrates the holiday can’t even utter one nice remarks during their reporting speaks volumes. Camerota, Andersen, and Brower should take some during the Christmas holiday and reevaluate not only their way of reporting the White House as that might all change in 50 Days, but personally see how deranged they are in not only how they treat the First Lady, but a woman in general.

One doesn’t have to like the person, but should always respect the title they hold.

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1 Comment
  • Frances Weingarten
    December 2, 2020

    I’m not a fan of Ilham Omar but I think that there was no reason to slam her for praising the beauty of Melania Trump’s beautiful decorations!
    Good for you Ilhan! You were absolutely right in acknowledging those beautiful decorations!
    Frances Weimgarten

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Ilhan Omar Slammed For Praising Melania Trump WH Decorations

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