GOP Congressman says Americans are ‘Tough SOBs That Are Defeated By Absolutely Nothing’

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Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) during the House debate on the coronavirus relief stimulus package ahead of the vote gave an electrifying speech in which he called Americans “tough SOBs that are defeated by absolutely nothing.”

The Florida Republican in his remarks Friday urged his fellow colleagues on the House chambers to approve the $2 trillion stimulus package aimed at jolting the economy from the detrimental impact caused from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I would rather die than see my country stumble or fall. And by God, I mean that, and I don’t think I’m the only one in this body that feels this way,” Mast said on the House floor, adding he didn’t want to see the economy stumble because of “a virus that was born in a disgusting market in Wuhan, China, that was hidden from the world.”

“But I can tell you that that worry has subsided quickly for me as I looked around my own community and realized again that Americans are a salty group of tough SOBs that are defeated by absolutely nothing. And this isn’t going to defeat us either,” he continued.

Mast noted there are some parts of the bill he doesn’t approve, but it is essential for the aid to reach the American people in need so when they “wake up tomorrow” they won’t wake up as “victims but as people with a greater opportunity.”

“There’s parts of this bill that I don’t like, but I’m proud that when Americans wake up tomorrow, they’re going to continue to know that we wake up here not as victims but as people with a greater opportunity than anybody across the world,” Mast said. “Fifty stars, 13 red and white stripes. We get to decide for ourselves that today is better than yesterday, this week is better than next week, this month is better than last month and next year and so on. Nobody else gets to decide that for us. That hasn’t changed and will never change.”

His speech promoted the majority of his colleagues to applaud loudly, causing the presiding officer Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) to tap his gavel to call for order in the floor. 

The House overwhelmingly approved the historic $2 trillion stimulus by a voice vote. The bill now goes to President Trump desk for his signature in which he stated he would sign automatically into law.

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GOP Congressman says Americans are ‘Tough SOBs That Are Defeated By Absolutely Nothing’

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