Gaetz At CPAC Launches Attacks On Cuomo And Liz Cheney

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) unloaded on the New York embattled scandal-plagued Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) during his remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday (CPAC) Friday, criticizing the Democrat for his failed leadership that are praised by “the fake news media and their allies in Silicon Valley,” and slammed his administration for covering up the real data of the number of deaths of nursing homes from COVID.

“Now, the fake news media and their allies in Silicon Valley made Governor Cuomo out to be some iconic cross between King David and Tom Brady,” Gaetz said during his speech at the conference held in the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

“What a big lie that turned out to be,” Gaetz added.

The Florida congressman brought up Cuomo’s latest scandal of sexual allegations that re-sparked earlier this week when a former aide, Lindsey Boylan unveiled vivid details of the sexual harassment she ensued during her tenure working for the New York Governor. Boylan published the essay on the website Medium where she alleged the harassment from Cuomo involved unwanted touching, kissing and even once suggested that they “play strip poker” during a plane ride.

“According to former aides, Gov. Cuomo was offering to replace staff meetings with strip poker,” Gaetz told the conservative crowd, drawing loud laughters.

“Meanwhile, they were stripping Granny out of the COVID ward at the hospital and tossing her in the nursing home in just enough time to infect everybody and then go back to the hospital so that deaths could be recategorized for politics,” he added, referencing Cuomo’s March 25 Executive Order that directed nursing homes to transfer elderly patients from the hospitals back into their nursing homes despite testing positive for COVID.

He also praised his home state as an “amazing woman,” who “encourages and supports success,” unlike the now-dead “bad ex-husband” of New York.

“Florida is like an amazing woman. Adventurous, beautiful, mostly sunny, sometimes a little crazy, and always here to encourage and support success,” Gaetz said. “By contrast, New York is like a bad ex-husband – mean, won’t let you go out to dinner. You’re less safe, financially spiraling downward, and they may kill your grandparents!”

Gaetz, in his remarks also launched fresh series of attacks towards Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), following her recent remarks in saying that she doesn’t think that former President Donald Trump “should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country.”

“Speaking of people who want to lose primaries, if If Liz Cheney were on this stage today she’d get booed off of it,” Gaetz said. “What does that say? The leadership of our party is not found in Washington, DC. You are the energy. We are America.”

Cheney, the third-highest ranking Republican in the House, was one of ten GOP members to vote to impeach Trump over the Jan. 6 attacks at the U.S. Capitol. The Wyoming Republican survived Gaetz’s attempt to oust her from her leadership position earlier this month in a 145-61 secret-ballot vote of House Republicans.

He emphasized how CPAC represents “the pro-Trump America First wing of the conservative movement — we’re not really a wing, we’re the whole body, we’re the main attraction in the greatest show on Earth.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi responded to Gaetz’s speech, “The head of the Treason Caucus has no shame and less credibility.”

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Gaetz At CPAC Launches Attacks On Cuomo And Liz Cheney

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