Face Masks — The New Fashion Statement in the Age of Coronavirus

Face masks have now become symbolic – a fashion statement in the age of coronavirus.

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Of all the crazy things that have so far happened in 2020, who would have guessed a face mask would be a mandatory accessory incorporated into our fashion wardrobe for an indefinite period of time.

In April, during the peak of the curve, a new data showed asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus can transmit the virus to others before even showing symptoms. In light of this new evidence, the CDC revised its guidelines and heavily recommend that all Americans wear a face mask (cloth face coverings) in public settings, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

First Lady Melania Trump has reiterated the new guideline on her social media last month, encouraging fellow Americans to “wear cloth face coverings in public setting.” Now as some states move to gradually reopen their economy, the need for one to wear a face mask in public will become the new normal. If you are a New Yorker like myself, or like many other states, Governors have mandated all to wear a face mask in public places where social distancing of six feet is not possible, such as supermarket shopping or taking the subways before 1 am. 

Masks have officially entered the fashion scene of 2020 becoming a balance between medical necessity and a style statement. Experts are increasingly suggesting that face mask may need to be part of our essential accessory for at least a year until a vaccine is developed. 

So why not find a mask that one can express themselves with, all while it being reusable to wear, washable, and most importantly fashionable. 

The best thing about a cloth mask is that it can be reusable. However, once you return home from wearing your mask, one must automatically wash them (old fashioned washing using your sink, add little detergent soap on the cloth, rubbing it against each while soaking over hot water, then hang to air-dry overnight) as it is also shown by data that this invisible virus is known to stay on items for a period of 48-72 hours. 

With that in mind, below a selection of the most stylish cloth selection I found that are all less than $25 for one or below $50 for a pack of 3, 4, or 5. Some of the sellers have shifted their small businesses in creating masks while some doing a buy one donate one offering when purchasing a mask. 

There is also a subscription face mask website, similar to Ipsy.com or DollarShaveClub.com (almost similar concept), the first of its kind monthly subscription-based mask retailer. MaskClub.com offers over 2,000 different styles such as cartoons and sports, printed and sewn in the U.S where members can choose to receive a different new mask every month for just $9.99 per month. For every face mask bought through MaskClub, the company will donate a medical-grade to the First Responders Children’s Foundation for “distribution to paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters and medical personnel treating COVID- 19 patients.”

Remember, leave the N95 and surgical masks for our healthcare professionals and our essential workers (police officers, firefighters, postal, and our supermarket workers).

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Miscellaneous Fashionable Style Mask

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Pack of 3, 4, or 5 Face Masks

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Face Masks — The New Fashion Statement in the Age of Coronavirus

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