Donald Trump $80 Million Fundraising Haul in July

In just two months, Donald Trump caught up to his fundraising disadvantage over Hillary Clinton, closing the gap by raising in the month of July of $80 million.

In conjunction with the RNC, the fundraising success was powered by small-dollar program of digital and direct mail fundraising. According to the campaign statement Wednesday, $64 million was raised from donations, while the rest, $16 million came from 20 different fundraising events held throughout the country the past month.

“The results from this month show the enthusiastic movement the campaign has created since we started our online fundraising efforts in June,” the campaign said in the statement. “The campaign very much appreciates the broad based support, and will work hard to achieve victory in November and Make America Great Again.”

The 30% increase from his June fundraising of $55 million comes just two weeks after Trump accepted the Republican nomination in Cleveland. The increase is attributed to Trump’s campaign aggressively fundraising online, using email appeals to supporters to collect the funds needed to ease top Republicans that he can still run a strong competitive presidential run against one with a heavy campaign war chest of Hillary Clinton.

“Few Republicans can do that,” Trump said in regards to his low-dollar fundraising during a rally on Wednesday in Jacksonville. “Maybe no Republican can do that.”

Upcoming this weekend, according to the Boston Globe, Trump will visit Nantucket and Cape Cod for two high-dollar fundraisers. One of the fundraisers will occur at the home of Bill Koch, the brother of the Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch. The Koch brother recently stated they will not support the GOP presidential nominee or use their political network to help his campaign.

“We are extremely proud of our 69% growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America,” said Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Finance Chairman. “Our volunteers and contributors are clearly committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton announced on Tuesday her campaign raised $63 million in July, with an additional $27 million for the party and $58 million in the bank.

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Donald Trump $80 Million Fundraising Haul in July

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