DOJ Sues Melania Trump Ex-Best Friend For Violating NDA Pact With Tell-All Book

The Justice Department filed a complaint on Tuesday against Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the ex-best friend and former adviser to First Lady Melania Trump, claiming she breached her nondisclosure agreement by publishing a tell-all book last month where she revealed confidential information.

According to a lawsuit filed in the Washington, DC, District Court on Tuesday, the complaint asserts that Wolkoff violated a nondisclosure agreement and asks for profits from the book to be secured in a government trust. It also says that neither the first lady, her chief of staff nor the White House counsel’s office received a draft of the book from Wolkoff and that the former adviser never sought authorization to disclose details of her work for the first lady.

Wolkoff’s book, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” details the fallout from Wolkoff’s working and personal relationship with Melania Trump, including private conversations between the two during her time as a former adviser in the White House.

Stephanie Grisham in a statement said, “Secretly taping the first lady and willfully breaking an NDA to publish a salacious book is a clear attempt at relevance.”

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Beth E. Heilman
Beth E. Heilman
01.31.21 11:17 AM

It’s so sad that when you believe someone to be a trusted “friend” is no more that a hellish seeker of notoriety that would hurt what could have been a life long friend! This Wolkoff woman has no morals and has marked herself as one never to be trusted by anyone!

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DOJ Sues Melania Trump Ex-Best Friend For Violating NDA Pact With Tell-All Book

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