DNC Launches First 2020 Attack Ad Against Trump

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The DNC launched its first 2020 general election offensive ad against President Trump, tying the president’s five-year anniversary announcing his presidency to the decline of America.

Titled ‘Descent,’ the DNC ad begins with the images of Trump descent down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and tying it to the decline of American jobs, health care, race relations, and immigrant rights.

“Five years ago — Donald Trump descended to the basement of Trump Tower. And for the last five years, he’s brought America down with him, attacking healthcare for patients with pre-existing conditions, giving massive tax cuts to billionaires, not working families, arising white supremacists, stoking racial division,”  the narrator says in the one-minute ad.

“A White House in chaos,” it continues. “Losing 300,000 jobs in a failed trade war with China, locking children in cages, he ignored science on coronavirus and misled the American people stating it would ‘miraculously’ go away.”

The narrator goes on to accuse Trump of misleading Americans on the coronavirus, “stating it would ‘miraculously go away.’ It didn’t. Now over 100,000 dead Americans. 20 million jobs destroyed. Recession.”

“He shredded our alliances and turned our military on American citizens. You have the power to end the descent of our nation. to choose justice, leadership, unity. Because we can’t afford four more years of Trump,” the ad concludes with Democratic nominee Joe Biden saying he “approve this message.”

It’s the first television ad campaign the DNC has run in four years.

DNC Chair Tom Perez in a statement said the ad marks the five-year anniversary of Trump’s campaign launch that has become “a metaphor for his presidency.”

“The very first words of Trump’s campaign launch were a lie. Shortly after, he made an array of promises he never followed through on or intended to keep,” Perez said. “The entirety of his presidency, he’s been dividing our country, letting down workers, rewarding the rich, and caving to China. He pledged to fix our problems, but instead, he took us backward. Five years after his campaign launch, it’s clear that Trump’s presidency has been a complete failure. By almost any measure, America is worse off because of him.”

Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign fired back at the DNC attack ad, releasing a 10 false claims debunked in response and calling the new ad “total nonsense.”

“Despite false narratives promoted by the Democrats and media, the President’s unifying message is resonating with Americans throughout our country while Joe Biden continues to lean on divisive rhetoric and broken policies,” Trump campaign deputy press secretary Ken Farnaso said in a statement.

The ad campaign will run for five weeks and will focus on holding Trump accountable “for four years of failures driven by his own ego and self-interest and defined by his incompetence as a leader,” according to the DNC memo. According to the DNC, the ad will run on TV as well as on digital platforms in key general election battleground states and plans to spend six-figures for the commercial space.

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DNC Launches First 2020 Attack Ad Against Trump

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