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By Mona Salama is an ode to my byline name seen in all my articles written during my reporter career.

Mona Salama is a Political Reporter based in New York City, covering the 2020 Election, President Trump, the White House Administration, and Congress.

‘By Mona Salama,’ is Mona’s dedicated site that focuses on coverage reporting the crossroad of her two favorite past time → fashion and politics. She covers the First Lady Melania Trump, and White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump extensively on their initiatives to their daily fashion outfits.

Mona graduated with a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration with a focus on Criminal Justice from John Jay Criminal Justice. In her final semester of grad school in 2016, Mona worked on completing her Capstone thesis focusing on Drug Courts, while at the same time traveling across the country to cover and report on the 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential primaries.

Previously she reported for Breitbart News where she covered the 2016 General Election from a New York standpoint. Prior to Breitbart News, Mona began her reporting career, covering her first presidential election in 2015 with the Republican presidential primary.

Mona currently resides in the ghost town formerly known as New York City. She is also a fashion social media influencer and enjoys following the latest fashion trends during her free time.

Follow Mona on Twitter @MonaSalama_

If you’re a brand looking to collaborate or for partnership opportunities, I’d love to discuss working together, Please email me — bymonasalama@gmail.com


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