A Note Of Gratitude To All My Readers

What's next for Political Fashion in its coverage of the First Lady

Yesterday, I and many Americans watched President Trump and his stunning and elegant wife, First Lady Melania Trump flew off to Florida while Joe Biden called for “unity” but not towards the 75 million who didn’t vote for him.

I began my reporting career in the beginning of 2015, when it was a crowd GOP field vying to become the 45th President of the United States. I remember it was like yesterday receiving a press release of President Trump throwing his hat in the ring, making the 45 train ride to 5th Avenue and seeing first hand the Trumps’ coming down his infamous Trump Tower escalator to throw his name as the 16th contender for the GOP nomination.

Fast forward to 2016, I traveled the nation (all while at the same time I was finishing my Capstone thesis for my Master’s Degree) covering the 2016 primary and Presidential elections and began to notice the bias coverage towards Donald Trump. After being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, I would see the mainstream media hatred go full speed, but was not only directed towards President Trump but to First Lady Melania Trump.

What they once forgot that a little over a decade ago, they fawned over covering Melania when she was the girlfriend of media-business mogul Donald Trump. I remember the nonstop coverage of Trump’s third wedding, how Vogue’s own editor-in-chief Anna Wintour helped Melania picked out her wedding dress, how she also donned the fashion bible magazine cover, and how she was treated with fair and respectable before and after Barron was born. 

Fast-forward ten years later and those same media outlets did a 180 with their coverage of Melania. Reading through their disgusting post would anger the supporter and just about any decent human as they couldn’t help themselves dropping nonstop criticisms masquerade as “breaking news.” They ridiculed everything Melania did, with her fashion style, which any fashion lover would see as being hypocritical because those same brands she sports are the same exact brands they religiously cover during fashion week or when other celebrities wear them. They would also attack her for not wearing American labels, yet it was only American designers to forcefully come out and say that they will not dress Melania during her tenure as First Lady.

The media even stooped so low as to attack the White House Christmas decorations she partakes as role as First Lady, calling the patriotic display a “nightmare” forest. When the media attacked her outfit after a trip to Africa, Melania stressed that she wishes people would focus on her actions and work as first lady instead of the way she dresses or how she looks. But, they refused and continued to cover stories that had nothing to do with Melania’s solo First Lady trip in Africa.

For the last four years, I devoted the majority of my site focusing on the First Lady fashion and her initiative. I did so after noticing how the “feminists” of the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC already decided the first week into Trump’s presidency to savage Melania in its coverage. I combined my love of fashion and politics and created Political Fashion, a section devoted to covering Melania’s style as a fashion reporter while covering as a political reporter her role as First Lady.

As First Lady, Melania devoted her initiative to the well-being of children, a cause that should have been fairly covered but was largely ignored. The only time Melania was ever covered is when she was ridiculed for her outfits —outfits from brands that fashion magazine salivate in coverage to baseless rumors from non-relevant “best friends.”

Not once in the four years besides very few conservative outlets did the mainstream media cover the wife of our democratically elected president with much fanfare they did with her predecessor. But, Melania showed them and showed many women what it means to hold your head high in being gracious with style. For that alone, and for the grace with which she has represented as First Lady, Melania deserved immense respect. The same magazine that scream about respecting woman, I only wished they showed her some, but they never did and never will. The fact that not even once during her four-year tenure she graced any Fashion cover as First Lady, but the upcoming Vice President has appeared not only once but twice before being sworn in was just mind-boggling. 

Melania has been nothing but elegant, gentle, gracious, and humble during her role as First Lady. Her external beauty is obvious, and there is no question that she is the most physically exquisite first lady we have ever had. When historians shape Melania’s legacy years down the road, after the ridiculous social media attacks of the past four years have faded, she will be far more appreciated.

Some of you have been there from the beginning – you’ve witnessed me take Political Fashion from a little note to an ever-evolving section devoted to the coverage of the First Lady’s Outfit of The Day to covering her “Be Best” initiative. For this, I want to take a moment and say “thank you” for following along the last four years as I also covered Ivanka Trump’s fashion and her role as White House Senior Advisor as well as other prominent Trump ladies.

Going forward, Political Fashion will not continue its coverage like it did with Melania in a detailed fashion post of the upcoming First Lady Outfit Of The Day. The reason being is that majority of those mainstream media will revert back into their fawning coverage of the fashion and this site will not follow what the majority of others will be doing. But, Political Fashion will definitely note from time to time the fashion and the coverage others report to show the bias, and if others do compare the upcoming First Lady to those of Melania in terms of Fashion, I will report and make an analysis of it.

However, Jill Biden has said her First Lady initiative will focus on the military. Having a sibling in the military and growing up respecting our military, Political Fashion will detail the coverage of her initiative as First Lady and will see how in the next four years it progresses. 

So this is not goodbye forever, this is only goodbye for now…

Please do let me know if you have other suggestion you wish to see.

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  • Gail Jones
    January 26, 2021

    As many have stated, Thank you for your wonderful coverage of our first family. I am old and one that gave up on the feminist when their voices turned hateful. That includes the fashion magazines that cater only to a certain crowd. I will miss seeing and reading your posts. I probably won’t read the initiative going forward. When I saw three sickening pieces describing how this one wiped her behind gloriously…I won’t be able to read anything without becoming angry comparing the treatment. Hopefully in the near future we will have a First Lady with as much grace as our Melania.

  • Candace B
    January 26, 2021

    This site has been my happiness and insight into something no one else was covering. As a lover of fashion and former Vogue addict, I was desperate for some coverage of Melania’s amazing style and dignity. The blatant hypocrisy sickened me. I am so very grateful for your intelligent and thorough coverage and will continue to follow you and see what’s next. My sincere thank you!

  • Glenda Haskins
    January 26, 2021

    Have REALLY enjoyed your columns and especially our most beautiful First Lady’s clothes!! You kept us up to date on things we really enjoy!! Kind of glad though you are not going to be covering this “administration”. Stay well and hope to hear from you soon – like President Trump!!! Come back in some form.

    • ByMonaSalama
      January 26, 2021

      I will cover her initiative as I find this coverage very lackluster in terms of reporting and policy-based but in terms of her daily outfit, I don’t see the point with everyone else doing this

  • Joanne Putnam
    January 25, 2021

    Thanks Mona for keeping us enjoying our beautiful First Lady Melania. Don’t bother following the horse faced classless cow who is the fake First Lady.

  • April
    January 21, 2021

    Dear Mona
    Thank YOU for your wonderful site!!! I signed up toward the start – none of MSM or well known magazines gave any coverage to our outstanding First Lady!!! And then along came your site, I was so thankful for your coverage of her initiatives and beautiful fashion! Every designer should have been clamoring for First Lady Melania to wear their designs. Shame on those that didn’t and for all the magazines that purposely ignored this wonderful person!!!
    You filled the void for me and for that, I will always be grateful that you gave your time and energy!

    I hope you continue to cover her and Ivanka’s continued initiatives and beautiful styles!

    Many, many thanks and kudos to you!!! May God bless you!

    Former Republican and forever Patriot in SC

  • Ellen Terry VandrewWald
    January 21, 2021

    Blessings to a gracious lady who has my gratitude and highest respect. You gave your whole heart. Wish I could tell you what your example means. You exemplify “Be Best”

  • Amy W
    January 21, 2021

    Thank you for covering our wonderful and beautiful First Lady. When all others ignored her because of President Trump, you made sure we could admire and appreciate her beauty and grace.

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A Note Of Gratitude To All My Readers

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