A Fashion Look Back To What 16 First Ladies Wore On Inauguration Day

First Ladies throughout history have stolen their husband’s show with the outfits they have donned while standing beside them as they are being swore-in as the next president of the United States.

The outfit that a First Lady wears on inaugural day not only the nation but the whole world is so much more than just a piece of cloth — it sets the tone. Fashion is a powerful tool and what the First Lady is seen wearing to this momentous occasion by and large shows a form of diplomacy. 

In honor of Inauguration Day, Political Fashion has dedicated a special post looking back at not only First Lady Melania Trump’s stylish ensemble from four years ago on this date, but as well as 15 of her predecessors, both Republicans and Democrats, and what and who they wore on Inauguration Day.

The next First Lady better take notes.

Jackie Kennedy in 1961 

via www.jfklibrary.org

Jackie Kennedy looked the epitome of class in a cream cloak at the 1961 Inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. In her classic pillbox hat style that became a fashion iconic, Jackie wore this timeless ensemble while on her way to the 1961 Inauguration with a collarless coat with round, retro buttons. She completed her look wearing white gloves, pearl earrings, and a furry muff.

Lady Bird Johnson in 1965

Pat Nixon in 1969

Betty Ford in 1974

Rosalynn Carter in 1977

Nancy Reagan in 1981

Nancy Reagan in 1985

Barbara Bush in 1989

Hillary Clinton in 1993

Hillary Clinton in 1997

Laura Bush in 2001

Laura Bush in 2005

Michelle Obama in 2009

Michelle Obama in 2013

Melania Trump in 2017

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Netha moore
Netha moore
01.27.21 12:57 PM

Thank you so much for this presentation.
Everyone represented appeared more elegant than our present First Lady. Her hair was a mess and her coat was ill fitting.

Janet McLean
Janet McLean
01.22.21 7:42 AM

Yes black for mourning on leaving BUT a bright orange & blue long caftan on arriving in Florida showing lightness, relation & fun going forward in her life . As if she exhaled!

Rose Schulz
Rose Schulz
01.21.21 8:24 AM

Melania was a beautiful first lady and will be missed. Always a lady.

01.21.21 1:21 AM

Melania always looks beautiful. She is truely a very nice and kind person.

01.21.21 1:18 AM

Melania always looks beautiful! She is truely a very kind nice person

Julie Jensen Stevens
Julie Jensen Stevens
01.20.21 11:22 PM

Love it she always looks so classy. A great first lady.

Rita Kay Martin
Rita Kay Martin
01.20.21 10:46 PM


01.20.21 9:41 PM

No one can out do Melania Trump, she is the best!

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A Fashion Look Back To What 16 First Ladies Wore On Inauguration Day

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